Central Reservations System (CRS)

Central Reservations System (CRS)

Keep your hotel portfolio availability, rates, and inventory centralized.

Keep your hotel portfolio availability, rates, and inventory centralized.

We help organize your entire hotel portfolio:

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Keep hotel availability, rates, and inventory centralized

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Provide advanced pricing and inventory management

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Offer seamless integration with third-party tools


Ultra-High Availability Architecture

Amadeus CRS is built on airline-grade technology with an intelligent, resilient foundation known as Ultra-High Availability Architecture. The Hotel Central Reservations System software is fully API-enabled and equipped with fast response times. The scalable design of this architecture ensures everything you need is set in place to nurture real-time, individualized needs of your enterprise.

CRS-Connected Revenue Management

Disjointed revenue management strategies are common among enterprise hotels, and costs can significantly increase when integrating your property management system (PMS) and revenue management system (RMS).

With our CRS-Connected Revenue Management, pricing and yield management can be controlled at a central level for a consolidated revenue strategy. This eliminates any need to connect your PMS and RMS, helping you avoid costly integrations while also simplifying your strategies through centralization.

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API-First Approach

Enterprise hotels have large ecosystems that can make change incredibly stressful, not to mention costly.

Amadeus CRS uses a modular, component-based approach so you can attach and detach modules in existing ecosystems. The system was specifically architected to enable modular plug-in functionality where it’s needed, resulting in a hassle-free process that doesn’t require you to uproot your systems for small changes. Our API-first approach helps you reduce the pain of costly migrations and makes it easier for your hotels to partner with and introduce new technologies such as our Hotel Central Reservations System.

Corporate Control with Local Flexibility

For corporate branding consistency, your hotels in California will need to be in line with your New York locations. But what about local or seasonal demands?

With Amadeus CRS, you’re able to maintain brand consistency and control from a central management and administration portal. Our Hotel Central Reservations System makes it quick and easy to enforce corporate standards while allowing individual hotels to adjust and customize packages and incentives based on local demands.


See what the future looks like

In a comprehensive demo, we’ll show your management team how Amadeus CRS can help you centrally manage your portfolio’s availabilities, rates, and reservations.

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