Amadeus Property Management Advanced

Amadeus Property Management System provides comprehensive property management capabilities with advanced distribution integration for independent hotels and midsize chains. Drive greater demand, revenue, and occupancy, and enjoy centralized control from a single solution.

PMS Systems Need an Evolution

Legacy hotel management and PMS systems no longer correspond to the current needs of hoteliers nor to the expectations of tomorrow’s guest.

In addition, staff in independent hotels and mid-sized chains often experience frustration in using outdated and disconnected systems. This can cause difficulties and wasted time in the day-to-day operations of employees, and consequently diminish the quality of service and the customer experience.



The Next Generation PMS

In order to improve the guest experience and employee productivity, hoteliers must equip themselves with an agile solution, one that’s connected and open to innovation.

Any hotel looking to stand out should prioritize a next generation PMS – hosted in the cloud and ready for distribution.

By using a more modern, scalable, and flexible platform, you can achieve significant time savings and benefit from enhanced ergonomics and greater efficiency.

A modern PMS is the heart of hotel operations.

Your PMS must integrate harmoniously with all other systems

  • Synchronize your rates and availability in real time thanks to a smooth integration of your PMS with your reservation tools
  • No more manual entry! When a reservation is made on one of your reservation channels, the PMS is instantly updated (and vice versa)
  • Availability, Rates, and Inventory are transmitted from the PMS to the various channels in real time
  • Hoteliers can now maximize room inventory and revenue without fear of overbooking
  • Thanks to the time saved, staff can spend more time with on guest relationships and interactions

Download the Overview

Is your PMS ready for the future of travel? The 7-point Checklist.

Multiple recent innovations in PMS are unlocking many opportunities in the management of independent and mid-sized hotels.

Are you taking advantage of these enhancements?

We’ve compiled a list of 7 key factors to consider when evaluating whether your PMS is sustainable in the long term.

Generate more revenue with comprehensive PMS capabilities

Reconcile business performance and executional efficiency

  • Simplify the daily life of your employees with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Get a reliable solution that combines functionality, speed, and stability
  • Harness the power of the cloud along with advanced integration capabilities
  • Optimize the management of your multi-channel sales
  • Improve the experience and satisfaction of your customers
  • Automate your collections and guarantee all your payments

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Hosted by Microsoft Azure, the world's # 1 cloud provider

Benefit from the full power of the cloud

  • Maximum reliability 
    Amadeus’ PMS is hosted on Microsoft Azure, the world’s # 1 cloud provider for reliability, security and scalable performance
  • Regular upgrades and updates
    Due to the design and architecture of the cloud, we perform background upgrades every two weeks
  • Smooth user experience
    The latest features are delivered instantly to all customers, without any operational disruption

A scalable and flexible solution

An always up-to-date PMS with simple and extensive connections

  • Hundreds of integrations
    Easily connect the PMS with one click to major third-party vendors. The PMS will never become obsolete and will always be able to integrate the latest technologies
  • Real-time reporting and analysis
    With over 250 standard and business intelligence reports, you have all the data you need at your fingertips.
  • Run your own code
    Via the open API, it is possible to connect to any custom solution. Your own development team can also intervene.

Secure and compliant with the latest regulations

One of the most secure hotel software in the world

  • Secure storage and data encryption
    No credit card details are stored in an Amadeus product. All credit card details are encrypted and held in a highly secure location.
  • Minimize the risks
    The encrypted elements of the PMS do not have any commercial value or utility to hackers and phishers.
  • Maximum security
    When PA-DSS / PCI was introduced to the PMS world, Amadeus was the first to implement tokenization (or encryption) of credit card details.

Exchange information Across your brand with Multi-Property functionality

Streamline and integrate your sales data between your establishments

  • Centralized data of your customers
    Access a customer database that can be shared between establishments and anticipate your customers’ needs as well as possible, to better retain them.
  • Standardized operations
    Maintain consistent operational standards across all locations with a single PMS, to strengthen your brand identity.
  • Global employee connections
    Access data for each property, without having to log in and out of the system at each hotel.


Demonstration of Amadeus Property Management Advanced

Reconcile business performance and employee ergonomics with Amadeus Property Management Advanced

  • Simplify the daily life of your employees with an intuitive interface
  • Benefit from a reliable solution that combines functionality, speed, and stability
  • Optimize the management of your multi-channel sales
  • Improve the experience and satisfaction of your customers
  • Automate your collections and guarantee all your payments

The future of hospitality technology will be an interconnected ecosystem

Having disparate data prevents you from delivering more personalized experiences

Hotels working with data residing in different systems typically have a fragmented view of their guests. This is a major obstacle to offering more personalized experiences

  • The power of integrated guest data is increased dramatically when your systems (PMS, CRS, CRM, etc.) communicate with each other
  • Amadeus portfolio of integrated solutions helps hoteliers optimize the entire travel value chain as well as the end-to-end guest booking journey
  • Hosted in a fully cloud-based ecosystem, you can now unleash the full power of your data across your solutions and properties
  • Concentrate more time in human contact with your guests and simplify your life by managing all hotel operations from a single intuitive, ergonomic, and simple to use “one-stop-shop” type interface
  • Ensure uniformity, personalization, and consistency of messaging throughout the traveler journey and synchronize availability, rates, and inventory in real-time