Delphi Drives Efficiency and Transformation at Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne

Jennifer Axness

How a Historic San Francisco Hotel Leveraged Amadeus’ iHotelier Solution

Premium business hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne achieved a group conversion rate of over 50% in 2023 by using the quick and easy-to-use features of Amadeus’ Delphi® solution. 

Delphi has helped the hotel to transform its processes and increase efficiencies, allowing it to work more effectively and demonstrating the power of the Delphi solution in driving success for hotels.


Located in the vibrant heart of Eindhoven, a bustling city known for its high-tech sector, annual sporting events, and dynamic cultural scene, Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne stands as a beacon of hospitality at the center of innovation, technology, and design. Boasting 18 meeting rooms, the hotel caters primarily to the corporate business sector while also welcoming leisure travelers, particularly during the summer months.

Recently, Mignon van Roessel, Teamleader Conference & Events and Reservations Representative Marlou van Nieuwenhoven spoke with Amadeus about their exceptional experience using Delphi at the property.


In the wake of the pandemic, the hospitality industry has undergone significant change, marked by heightened guest expectations for flexibility and service excellence, and hotel labor shortages. Hotels across the industry are grappling with the need to adapt to evolving guest preferences while maintaining competitive pricing and operational efficiency, all while doing more with fewer resources.

Hotels such as Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne are facing the additional challenge of managing a surge in group inquiries and event bookings within shortened booking windows. Optimizing lead management processes with efficient event planning strategies is critical for seamlessly organizing events within tighter timeframes.


Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne partnered with Amadeus to implement Delphi for management of their increased volume of inquiries, streamline event execution, and address the challenge of scaling group sales and events operations.

Delphi’s easy to learn interface and robust features have empowered the team to consolidate information and promptly respond to booking inquiries.  Conference and Events teams have also been able to organize more successful events and spend more time with their customers, thanks to the smart features of Delphi. Key aspects of the solution such as personalized dashboard views for the Conference and Events team leader and the valuable cloning feature – 30% of bookings over the past year were, in fact, cloned – have enhanced productivity, while the availability screen has facilitated quick decisions.

A standout feature has been Delphi’s Packages function, which allows the team to create customized event packages tailored to client needs. Additionally, the Lost Business Report enables the property to identify missed opportunities and refine their strategies for future success.


Delphi has transformed Pullman’s approach to event execution by providing a cloud-based sales and catering solution that enables efficient planning, collaboration, and communication across all hotel operations, including Opera, their PMS (property management system). This has allowed the hotel to provide strategic and timely responses to ensure a first responder advantage, streamline booking processes, seamlessly plan, and enhance collaboration.

As a result, Pullman can do more with less while delivering exceptional end-to-end event experiences.

The property’s adoption of Delphi has resulted in a series of extraordinary achievements and improvements in efficiency.

  • Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne’s adoption of Delphi has led to an impressive conversion rate of over 50% on total group inquiries.
  • The property has been able to deliver a comprehensive response to planners faster, with 13% of bookings made in 2023 within just 10 days of inquiry.
  • Booking creation time has been significantly reduced from 45 minutes to just 10-15 minutes, saving up to 35 minutes per booking.

Overall, Delphi has revolutionized Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne’s event planning processes, addressing the challenges of an increased volume of inquiries, shorter booking windows, and hotel labor shortages with greater ease.

Marlou van Nieuwenhoven, Reservations Representative, stated: “I love working with Delphi, my favorite system of all the systems we use. For every reservation I use all the functions – packages, copy, merge function, clone function…. and Delphi communicates very well with our PMS system. I send 3-5 quotes per day, so I used Delphi a lot.”

Mignon van Roessel, Teamleader Conference & Events, added, “You will not regret using Delphi because it is so detailed, and you can personalize it to your own hotel/operation. It is also quite easy to train a team to work with it, and Amadeus has wonderful trainers. Finally, you can personalize your reporting, your packages…. you can personalize everything, all year round! The Lost Business report provides insights that allow us to re-engage with customers down the road, which is another wonderful feature. Delphi is very flexible to work with.”


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