Amadeus is Now Pleased to Offer its Most Advanced Features for Less

To support hotels in the return of group business

Events and group business can generate significant revenue for a property. Yet planners’ expectations today are evolving with an ever-increasing need for faster responses, supreme organization, and flawless execution.

Is your hotel well positioned for the return of group travel?

Amadeus Sales & Event Management solutions are now offering its most advanced features for less to support hotels in the return of meetings & events.

Now you can access:

✓ Advanced features to support scaled-down teams

✓ Rapid onboarding to start selling from day one

✓ Reduced cost for limited budgets

Discover how you can win and manage more group business today.


Amadeus Sales & Event Management

helps to efficiently sell, organize, and manage events. With over 30 years of industry expertise and customer feedback, Amadeus has developed solutions to fit your unique sales and catering business:

  • Grow Your Event & Group Business
    Nurture relationships, discover new opportunities, and manage tasks to win more business.
  • Improve Efficiency of Group Business
    Manage and deliver flawless events with BEOs, task automation, banquet checks, and more.
  • Gain Visibility into Business Performance
    Uncover growth opportunities, track pace, and analyze historical trends with real-time reporting.
  • Quickly Train & Onboard Staff
    Start selling and managing events from day one with rapid onboarding and intuitive user experience.

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Is your hotel well positioned for the return of group travel?

To set hotel teams up for success in the return of group business, we’ve compiled key trends, best practices, and complimentary resources based on global industry insights to help you and your team navigate the return of group travel.

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