Is your hotel prepared for the rising demand in meetings & events?

Meet Delphi: The Most Trusted Name in the Industry

Planners’ expectations today are continuously evolving with an ever-increasing need for faster responses, supreme organization, thorough detail, and flawless execution. That’s why Amadeus Sales & Catering’s Delphi solutions—which enable hoteliers to streamline sales and event processes from leads to execution—are now offering its most advanced features for less.

Discover how you can gain access to:

✓ The most comprehensive, advanced features to support scaled-down teams

✓ Rapid onboarding to start selling from day one

✓ Reduced cost for limited budgets

✓ Innovation committed to meet your most pressing challenges

Learn why industry leaders worldwide trust the Delphi name and how you can gain access today to the most advanced features for less.


Limited time offer, now through January 31, 2023


There’s a reason why industry leaders worldwide trust the Delphi name

It’s synonymous with sales, catering, and innovation. It empowers teams to grow and manage group business. No matter how big or small the scale, Delphi works as an extension of your hospitality team to increase group business by elevating your selling, organizing, and management processes. With Delphi, you can:

Grow Your Group Business
Nurture relationships, discover new opportunities, and manage tasks so your team can win more business.

Improve Efficiency of Group Business
Manage events and deliver flawless experiences with BEOs, tasks, banquet checks, and event activities tied automatically to booking details.

Gain Visibility into Business Performance
Uncover growth opportunities, track pace, and analyze historical trends with real-time reporting at your fingertips.

Quickly Train & Onboard Staff
Start selling and managing events from day one with Rapid Onboarding. The user experience is so intuitive, you’ll be able to access the solution for less, while configuring and gaining value from the solution in a matter of hours.

Discover why the Delphi name resonates so deeply within the industry with our limited time group business offer today.

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