Hospitality Software for Restaurants

Restaurants need a technology partner that offers solutions that can project their distinct brand while pursuing local and global revenue opportunities. One of the key revenue opportunities that many restaurants fall short on pursuing adequately is function and event business. With the help of effective technological solutions, you can turn this sector into a pillar of your strategic plan.

Restaurants must maximize the use of their assets to win the battle against tight profit margins

Restaurant owners are always struggling with tight profit margins. Rent costs are high in desirable locations, food costs continue to rise, and guests are placing a premium on food quality when they choose to patronize a restaurant. There are only so many ways that you can continue to cut costs and still put out a quality product and deliver exceptional service, which is why it’s vital for restaurants to ensure they are maximizing the use of their assets to earn as much available revenue as possible. Unless your function space is being utilized efficiently, your business is letting potential revenue sit on the table.

Sales and Event Management platforms help you nurture customer relationships

Restaurants that excel at service know how to nurture customer relationships effectively, but these interactions usually take place only in short bursts. Managing relationships with prospective event clients require a different skill set altogether. You have to have precise timing, consistently rapid response times, and strong lead analysis capabilities—these are all difficult to achieve regularly without the aid of technology. Amadeus Sales and Event Management solutions can help you automate many lead management tasks, qualify leads quickly, and communicate with your clients from inquiry to event to ensure that their expectations are surpassed.

Hospitality Diagramming software enables you to execute outstanding events

When it comes time to host an event in your function space, logistical details can be the difference between your client choosing your venue again in the future or going with a competitor. You have to deploy your resources effectively, attend to all of the expected and unexpected details, and provide personalized experiences for your guests that will get the planner’s attention. Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming is a software solution that allows you to create interactive and customized floor plans and layouts and share them with your client to improve communication and solidify customer expectations. With an event plan guided by Amadeus solutions, you’ll feel confident that you and your team can step up when it’s needed most.

With the help of Amadeus solutions your restaurant can live up to its full potential

Your restaurant can be an outstanding event space that books high-value clients with regularity and delivers on their every expectation—you just need the right tech to get you over the edge. At Amadeus, we’re ready to help you take your business to the next level, so get in touch with one of our representatives today to receive a customized demo of our restaurant software solutions.

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