The Hotel Marketing Strategy Toolkit

Build the Ultimate Hotel Marketing Strategy

Prioritizing your marketing plan’s restructuring will be critical to your hotel’s success in the upcoming year. We are each presented with the challenges of repositioning, retargeting, and reviving our brand to better meet the needs of emerging demand.

To help you build out your hotel marketing plan effectively and save time planning, we’ve created a downloadable toolkit, complete with the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Playbook, a Marketing Budget Template, and a customizable PowerPoint presentation to successfully share your plan with your stakeholders.

The Hotel Marketing Strategy Toolkit also includes:

  • Key data points you can use when making decisions
  • Market insights that will influence your marketing strategy
  • SWOT analysis template
  • Market segmentation and detailed hotel guest personas
  • Tips on how to capture demand in today’s travel landscape

Be sure to visit our ultimate guide to hotel marketing to access an all-encompassing rundown of hotel marketing trends, data points, and insights.

Download the Templates