March 2020


Despite the Global Impact of Current Times, a Strong Group and Advertising Strategy Can Lead to Solid Occupancy for the UK & Ireland This Spring


With ongoing news headlined impacting traveller confidence, many hoteliers globally are struggling with occupancy during the upcoming Easter period. But, according to the latest forward-looking data, Amadeus reports that UK & Ireland occupancy continues to rise compared to the same time last year. One potential reason behind this is that travellers in the UK & Ireland are foregoing international travel in favour of staying closer to home. Between April and June, occupancy is set to rise 0.8% in the UK and 2.2% in Ireland. And the picture for group business is even rosier, with a 1.6% increase in the UK and 2.3% for Ireland predicted between April and September. So how can you capture this market during spring and beyond? Make sure your hotel is showcasing key amenities that appeal to groups. Think about dedicated working spaces, free Wi-Fi, or wellness facilities for guests to kick back and relax after a long day. and GDS Bookings Are Growing Year on Year

Looking at the booking split across different channels in January, direct bookings (for groups) and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) continue to make up the majority, with a 30% and 29% share respectively. But hoteliers will be happy to hear that and Global Distribution System (GDS) bookings are growing compared to 2019. In fact, research from the 2019 Amadeus Global Travel Agent study, found that 87% of travel agents are using GDS platforms the same or more often compared with 2017. As these channels typically offer higher average daily rates (ADR), a clear marketing plan can go a long way to attract business and drive more revenue. A good place to start is by analysing your current marketing strategy both for online and the GDS. Now that you know that more people are booking locally, including groups, think about how this can become a focus for your strategy. By ensuring your hotel appears at the right time and to the right segment, you’re more likely to capture the attention, and bookings, of travellers and agents.

2020 UK Forward-Looking Data Insights

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