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Data Insights: Bookings in France Surge Around the Olympics

Amadeus, a leading technology provider for the travel sector, unveils fresh insights that illuminate key trends shaping the landscape of Olympic tourism in France. Leveraging these insights presents an invaluable opportunity for hoteliers to capture the attention of prospective guests and personalize their offers to attract an enthusiastic influx of sports fans this summer.


As the countdown to the 2024 Olympics in Paris begins, hospitality businesses are gearing up for a surge in traveller interest, and it’s not too late to capture this rise in demand. Read on to discover what Amadeus’ forward-looking business intelligence data is showing us, and how you can use this to inform your strategies.

A Hospitality boom in the French capital

According to Amadeus Demand360+ data as of 1 March 2024, hotel occupancy for the first week of the Olympics has already reached 74%, that’s 252% higher than pre-pandemic numbers which were at 21% for the same time in 2019. And with booking lead times in Paris showing 42% of bookings are being made within 0-14 days ahead of stay, we can expect occupancy to continue rising as we get closer to the big event.


Olympic fever grips Lille, Lyon, and Marseille

Other regions of France are also benefiting from the surge of Olympic tourism, with Amadeus data revealing significant interest in cities like Marseille, Lyon, and Lille, which are also hosting various competitions.

When analysing hotel occupancy trends across these cities, a notable spike becomes evident. This surge is particularly pronounced in the weeks leading up to the Olympics, starting from July 14th. In comparison to previous years, the increase in occupancy is significant, already reaching an average of 35% compared to 24% in 2023 and 20% pre-pandemic, in 2019.

As the event draws closer, occupancy rates increase even further, reaching an average of 51% during the weeks of the Olympics, contrasting sharply with the figures of 19% in 2023 and 16% in 2019. These findings underscore a promising opportunity for hospitality businesses, indicating an early surge in bookings, and, with lead times for France showing that 46% of bookings are being made within 0-14 days ahead of stay, these numbers are likely to continue growing as we near the event.


How are bookings being made?

Amadeus data shows segment and channel mix are similar to prior years with a few minor shifts. It is essential to uphold a varied channel mix to leverage diverse market opportunities and accommodate a wider array of customer preferences. Similarly, maintaining a diverse channel mix is crucial for enhancing your property’s visibility and boosting direct bookings. Download the Personalization and Direct Bookings Playbook for guidance on enhancing conversion rates, both on the website and across booking platforms.


Where are travellers coming from?

Domestic flights continue to be the main source of traveller volume to Paris. As for other countries, Italy and Spain lead, followed by the United States and the UK with 10% and 8%, respectively. The remaining portion primarily consists of flights originating within Europe, as well as from Morocco and Algeria. Effectively leveraging this information could aid in developing a successful hotel marketing strategy. As we get closer to the big event, targeting the countries demonstrating an uptick in demand with dedicated campaigns for last-minute bookings could help hoteliers to capture the 42% of travellers who book within 0-14 days of travel.


Average daily rate (ADR) is on the rise

Examining the trend of ADRs in France over recent years reveals a consistent upward trajectory, punctuated by a slight surge around July. August presents a significant disparity, showcasing a remarkable 52% increase in France and a 99% rise in Paris, compared to last year.


What can hoteliers do with this information?

During the Olympics, knowing where to concentrate your efforts can easily capture attention, making your hotel a standout choice. Here’s how you can personalize experiences and offers to capture demand and delight guests, ensuring a memorable experience is had by all who choose to stay with you.

Shopping: Attract new guests by merchandising targeted offers and enhancements across distribution channels.
Exclusive Olympic Attendee Discount – 10% off your stay
Guest competition: book with us before May 1st and be in with a chance of winning VIP seats to one of the Olympics events.

Recognize returning guests and deliver targeted services, enhancements and upsells on your website and in the booking flow, based on centralized guest data.

Complimentary transportation to Olympics events for premium room bookings.
Exclusive offer: celebrate your team in style with champagne packages starting from just 99EUR.

Engage booked guests with additional personalization and enhancement opportunities in pre-stay communications.

Benefit from the “Olympic Excursion Package” with guided tours to Olympic venues.
Book a themed dining experience featuring international cuisine from participating countries.

Make the on-property experience shine with proactive, unforgettable service delivery.

Give returning guests access to “sports viewing lounges” for a touch of exclusivity.
Delight guests with Olympics-themed surprises, from fun freebies in rooms to complimentary drinks and desserts that have a sporting twist.

Keep guests engaged with your brand, position other properties in your portfolio, recognize and reward guests, and establish lasting relationships.

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As the 2024 Olympics in Paris draws near, hospitality businesses stand at the forefront of a significant surge in travel. Leveraging data-driven insights and targeting the diverse Olympic audience with tailored campaigns is paramount for success in this dynamic landscape. To make the most of this opportunity, businesses must ensure they are equipped with the right tools and strategies. By leveraging Business Intelligence to understand where demand is coming from and following that up with data-driven Media strategies, hospitality providers can position themselves as premier destinations for sports enthusiasts worldwide.


Contact our team of experts today, for further insights and information on capturing demand during the Olympics, and beyond.

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