Mastering Hotel Sales & Events

The results are in: group business is back and in full force. Yet as the travel landscape continues to evolve, sales and event teams must adopt new approaches to adapt to significant shifts in trends, budgets, and evolving customer expectations. To help you rise to these new challenges and take advantage of rising opportunities, we’re pleased to share complimentary resources covering everything from key industry trends and best practices to tips, tricks, and strategies on becoming a hotel sales star. We hope you find these resources valuable and help you to win more business in 2024 and beyond.

Industry Masters eBook

Industry Masters: The Future of Meetings & Events

The world of meetings and events is undergoing significant transformation. How can industry professionals best navigate this changing space as they prepare for the return of group business? We asked 7 top global meeting, event and hospitality authorities to share their thoughts about the future of live travel and events.

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Navigating the Top 2024 Meeting & Event Trends

Navigating the Top 2024 Meeting & Event Trends
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The Future of Meetings and Events
[Webinar] The Future of Meetings & Events - Join MPI, Salesforce, Amadeus, and Knowland for an Executive Panel on the Future of Travel and Events in the North America-focused webinar
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[Article] Learn How Sustainability and Wellness are Leading the Next Generation of Meetings & Events
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[Infographic] We’ve gathered business intelligence data and insights from industry experts to identify key trends shaping the new world of meetings and events. Discover the top 5 industry-defining trends now.
Top 5 Trends Defining the Future of Meetings & Events >>
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[Report] Discover the Five Top Trends Defining Group Business and the Key Takeaways Your Business Needs to Succeed
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[Webinar] Is your property ready for the increasing group business demand in Europe? In helping to navigate the shifting trends and embracing new strategies to stay competitive, we are excited to share our EMEA-focused group webinar featuring top-level executives from Meeting Professionals International, ALHI, HOSPA, and Amadeus.
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[Article] High-Tech vs High-Touch: How to Emerge Stronger Amid the Crossroads of Two Hospitality Trends
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[Guide] How to Master Your New Business Mix
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[Article] Three Ways to Master the New Rules of Meetings & Events
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[Guide] The New Generation of Meetings & Events

In a rapidly evolving landscape, this essential guide explores top trends, insights from global experts, and pragmatic actions to take now.

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Adapting to Changing Industry Dynamics

2024 is upon us and uncertainties around planning for evolving customer demands and emerging opportunities remain firmly in place. To help hotels navigate this changing space, we’ve gathered insights from Amadeus’ business intelligence data, as well as interviews with hoteliers and industry experts, to identify key trends that will shape 2024’s group and events market.


The New Golden Rules of Meetings & Events

As the world of travel evolves, meetings and events are changing with it. There’s no doubt that people want to return to more face-to-face interactions. The question is: under what circumstances?

In this series, we’ve combined insights from global hospitality experts, Amadeus business intelligence data, and industry best practices to examine the new forces shaping hotel meetings and events.

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Trend Highlight: Lean Into Macro Trends Like Sustainability >>>

Trend Highlight: Mastering the New Dynamics of Social Events >>>

Trend Highlight: Leveraging Technology to Power Better Experiences >>>

Business-Driven Insights

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Gain insights into US hotel performance, including group booking and event trends.
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The 7-Step Checklist for Event and Group Business Prospecting for Hoteliers
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5 Trends Defining Group Travel
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Resources to Grow Group Business

Discover the key steps to develop your next sales strategy. Download Elevate Your Hotel Sales Strategy: 10-Step Guide to Success.
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10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Sales & Catering Software
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5 Sales Strategies to Win More Business
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Managing Group Business During an Economic Crisis
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