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Hospitality Group & Business Performance Index

The industry's top meeting, event, and corporate market trend insights

Unlock your hotel’s sales potential with valuable industry leading insights

Gain a comprehensive overview of industry activity, specifically tailored for hospitality, meetings and event professionals, comparing quarterly figures to 2019 performance.

Data is sourced using event data from Knowland combined with hotel booking data from Amadeus' Demand360®



U.S. Group Business Up Across Key Metrics in Q4, Providing Stability for Hotels Going into 2024

Based on Q4 2023 Index Results

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Maximize your Hotel Sales and Event Revenue Potential

By utilizing industry-leading data from Knowland and trusted Sales & Catering solutions like Amadeus' Delphi, hoteliers can:

Develop precise, data-driven strategies

Increase group and event sales

Efficiently manage the entire process from lead to event execution

Simply fill in the form below to access industry insights and kickstart your journey towards revenue maximization through enhanced sales strategies.

What to expect:

Explore key drivers influencing hotel and event performance, and benchmark against 2019.

Identify the top market segments actively booking events, enabling strategic alignment with prevailing trends.

Understand the average group sizes and their distribution, facilitating more precise planning and resource allocation.

Examine the top industries booking groups to align organizational efforts with the most lucrative opportunities.

What you will receive:

Instant access to unique meetings & events data

Quarterly reports delivered by email to keep you up to date on evolving trends

Gain exclusive access to 2023 Index results

Discover the latest trends and valuable data to drive your hotel’s sales and catering strategies. Using a combination of event data from Knowland with Amadeus’ Demand360® data, the Q4 report provides individual and aggregate views of the key drivers of hotel performance, including and overview of:

  Top market segments booking events

Top industries driving event business

Average group size and distribution, and more.

The collaboration between Knowland and Amadeus marks a significant milestone in providing valuable industry intelligence to elevate the effectiveness of your decision-making process. View the press release to discover more about the expanded partnership and the new Hospitality Group & Business Performance Index. 

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