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To demonstrate the value and impact of our industry-leading GDS Media solution for hotels, Amadeus is pleased to provide different offers to help you boost your exposure across all GDSs.


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Boost GDS Revenue by Influencing the right Travel Agents, at the right time and increase conversion across Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre.

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Everything you need to:

Capture the attention of travel sellers on any GDS
Target travel agents of your choice via PCC
Benefit from experts who manage >80% of GDS ads


Global distribution systems are one of the highest ADR channels

  • Optimize your presence on all 3 main GDS with Preference and GDS Media.
  • Drive strong returns on ad spend with proprietary targeting strategies.
  • Attract more agents and stand out from competitors today!

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Win more business with our Preference Media positioning on the GDS.

Understand campaign performance across all GDSs

Analyze bookings, revenue, average daily rate, average length of stay, and return on ad spend for all campaigns.

Fill need periods with targeted campaigns

Recognize booking and stay patterns based on average lead times, day of arrival metrics and the average length of stay for your property.

Identify opportunities with top source market and PCC

See which PCCs were influenced by your campaign and view top feeder markets.

Improve visibility with Preference Media

Reach a larger audience and outshine competitors by getting your property to the top of hotel search results in Amadeus and Travelport.

50+:1 ROAS Generated (Return Of Ads Spend)

Hotel GDS Media campaign delivered 50+:1 ROAS for a Las Vegas hotel

las vegas

Bonus - Download The `How to Effectively Market to Travel Agents on a GDS' Checklist

In this guide, we cover how to:

  • Understand your audiences and their preferences
  • Enhance your content on GDS
  • Launch impactful GDS ads
  • Optimize to continuously improve campaign performance


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