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Best practices in Demand360+

To support strategic decision-making, Hyatt Hotels Corporation exclusively recommends Amadeus Business Intelligence solutions Demand360+®, Agency360+®, and RevenueStrategy360™ (a successor to Rate360®) across all properties.

In this webinar focused on Demand360+, we covered:

  • More about market share by segment/channel in Demand360+ and how the tool can support revenue growth for your hotel.
  • About 8 NEW dashboards and metrics added this year.

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Agency360+ for beginners

View our on-demand webinar focused on prospecting and sales, leveraging Agency360+:

  • Prospecting – how to identify corporate accounts with most opportunity
  • New business – how to identify new business booking into the comp set and the market.

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Amadeus Business Intelligence Solutions for Hyatt Hotels


What our Business Intelligence data IS

  • 44k data providers with 12 months of forward-looking on-the-books occupancy and future rate shopping data
  • 24 months of historical occupancy metrics and historical rate shops
  • Over 10 billion rates collected monthly from OTAs, Metasearch, GDS,, and more
  • Occupancy Year over Year and Week over Week pacing
  • On-the-books reservation data extracted directly from hotels and brand partners
  • Updated daily and reflective of real property and market occupancy
  • Sanctioned, direct connections that deliver accurate rates customers can trust

What our Business Intelligence data ISN'T

  • Occupancy estimations
  • Occupancy forecast based on selling rates
  • Reliant on screen scraping and other inconsistent data gathering tactics
  • Susceptible to inaccuracy’s due to market fluctuations and unexpected selling rate changes & closures

Content & Resources

Webinar Replay: Agency360+ for beginners
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Hyatt Best practices in Demand360+
Webinar Replay: Best Practices in Demand360+
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Utilizing Demand 360 to navigate travel recovery
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How to prospect and increase sales with Agency360+
Webinar Replay: How to prospect and increase sales with Agency360+
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Strengthening Your Recovery Strategies with Hyatt and RevenueStrategy360 Copy
Webinar Replay: Strengthening Your Recovery Strategies with Hyatt and RevenueStrategy360™
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Strengthening Your Recovery Strategies with Hyatt and Demand360 Copy
Strengthening Your Recovery Strategies with Hyatt and Demand360®
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Agency360 for Hyatt Properties Copy
Webinar Replay: Agency360® for Hyatt Properties
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Getting ahead of your recovery with Hyatt and Agency360 copy
Webinar Replay: Shifting Share During Recovery with Hyatt and Agency360®
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Monthly Hospitality Recovery Insight Reports
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Your Guide to Amadeus' Demand360® Solution
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Webinar Replay: Introducing Agency360+™: Expanded Insights to Optimize Your Corporate & Leisure Sales
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