Amadeus Guest Management Services Terms & Conditions

Amadeus Guest Management Solutions Terms   

The following additional terms apply to the use of the above-referenced Services. These terms are an integral part of the Agreement. To the extent of a conflict between the terms below and the terms of the MSSA, the terms below will prevail.

  1. Service Description. Guest Management Solutions (“GMS”) is a customer relationship management tool, offering a suite of marketing automation tools to communicate with hotel guests for the purpose of driving incremental revenue. GMS enables Customer to send email marketing communications to its guests, including communications regarding confirmation, cancellation, pre-arrival and post-departure matters. GMS can provide a consolidated database of information such as stay history, reservations and loyalty program data (the “Guest Management Solution Database”) via connection to Customer’s property management system (“PMS”).
    Customer may choose from the following GMS packages:
Package Includes Optional
Package 1: Marketing Automation
  1. Marketing emails
  2. Transactional emails
  3. Guest Satisfaction Survey
  4. Cart Abandonment
  1. Guest Messenger
  2. GuestView 360 Reporting
  3. Creative Package*1
Package 2:  Guest Recognition
  1. Marketing emails
  2. Transactional emails
  3. Guest Satisfaction Survey
  4. Cart Abandonment
  5. Guest Portal
  1. Guest Messenger
  2. GuestView 360 Reporting*
  3. Creative Package*
Package 2A:  Guest Recognition with Loyalty
  1. Marketing emails
  2. Transactional emails
  3. Guest Satisfaction Survey
  4. Cart Abandonment
  5. Guest Portal with Loyalty includes points and tiers
  1. Guest Messenger
  2. GuestView 360 Reporting*
  3. Creative Package*


















2. Support and Training.  

2.1. Amadeus will provide Customer with support via email, telephone and live support chat.
2.2. GMS product training is available to Customer via the Amadeus Learning Portal.

3. Creative Services. If Customer purchases a creative package, two rounds of creative revisions are included in the Charges, any further revisions can be provided at Amadeus’ then-current hourly rate. Creative services, such as the designing and coding of emails, web forms or any other hotel guest touch points that can be sent or viewed in the GMS platform are not included in a creative package of other standard Charges.

4. Customizations. Customer may request Amadeus to complete customization work for GMS. Any customization requests will be provided in Amadeus’ reasonable discretion. To the extent Amadeus is willing to perform the customization work, Amadeus will provide a statement of work (SOW) to Customer with the applicable fees. All SOWs will be agreed in a signed writing signed by both parties. Anything that is not provided as part of the standard GMS services as of the Effective Date of the Agreement, will be considered a customization.

5. Amadeus Intellectual Property. Customer understands and agrees that any customizations, updates or changes to GMS that are requested by Customer and produced by Amadeus shall belong to Amadeus.

6. Customer Obligations. 

6.1. Customer represents and warrants that:

 6.1.1 It has all necessary licenses and permissions to enable Amadeus to utilize the guest data provided either directly or indirectly by or on behalf of Customer, including without limitation data received from Customer’s PMS.

6.1.2 Customer is solely responsible for obtaining all end user consents and provide any notices required by applicable law to enable Amadeus to place cookies and similar technologies on the device of end users and serve advertisements on the devices of end users.

6.2. Customer must approve all design and business rules prior to the GMS system being enabled to send email communications to its guests. Email communications will be delivered on an automated basis with content and delivery based on business rules set by Customer.

6.3. Customer will ensure that its PMS will provide guest data to Amadeus in a timely manner and in accordance with Amadeus’ instructions.

6.4. With respect to the GMS e-mail marketing module, emails must be sent with an active “from” email address within the Customer property’s web domain.

6.5. No email marketing will be provided from a China web domain or sent from China. Customer will not initiate or request or otherwise use email marketing from a China web domain or sent from China.

6.6. Customer can upload a non-database list to the GMS platform at no cost during implementation, provided that such list complies with Amadeus’ standard format. If Customer wishes to upload a non-database list after implementation, additional fees may apply.

7. Email Marketing Policy. 

7.1. Customer understands and agrees:

7.1.1 Email recipients must explicitly opt-in to receive Customer’s marketing emails for each email marketing subscription.

7.1.2 Customer must send an introductory email to recipients within thirty (30) days of original sign-up date including details of how such recipients email address was obtained, the content, and frequency of the email marketing.

7.1.3 Each email subscription must require recipient to opt-in to a specific email list of a specific Customer Property;

7.1.4 A single email registration, or individually checked box, may result in (a) a subscription to no more than one unique email list of a single Customer entity, and (b) an address being uploaded once to the Amadeus system;

7.1.5 For recipient email addresses collected through online methods of registration, Customer must collect and maintain opt-in documentation, including the IP address, date, timestamp and exact URL of the email subscription;

7.1.6 For recipient email addresses collected through offline methods of registration, Customer must collect and maintain opt-in documentation, including information detailing the relationship to the recipient and when and how the recipient requested the email subscription;

7.1.7 Customer must provide opt-in documentation to Amadeus prior to the recipient’s email address being uploaded to the GMS system. Amadeus reserves the right to disclose opt-in documentation, and in the case of a valid legal complaint, customer name, and contact information;

7.1.8 Customer will not send unsolicited commercial emails through any other system or third party systems without Amadeus’ prior written consent;

7.1.9 Customer may not use a third party service to “list clean” or “list wash” a list hosted within GMS nor to create documentation for a list hosted within GMS;

7.1.10 Customer will respond to Amadeus inquiries promptly, and failure to do so may result in a temporary suspension of the GMS service;

7.1.11 Customer may not re-upload unsubscribed email addresses without a new, fully documented subscription request.  If a recipient has previously requested to unsubscribe, Customer must confirm the new subscribe request in a double-opt-in fashion;

7.1.12 Customer will not attempt to circumvent Amadeus’ software that detects non-opt-in addresses at the time of upload;

7.1.13 Customer is solely responsible for its subscription generation methods and assumes all liability for any third parties used to assist Customer in generating subscriptions. Customer will ensure all such third parties adhere to the terms herein and applicable Amadeus policies.

7.2.  Complaints Procedure:

7.2.1 Customer will provide notice to recipient on the complaints procedures and Customer will promptly inform Amadeus of any complaints it receives.

7.2.2 If users of Customer’s system complain about messages sent from Amadeus’ service, Customer must forward the message in question with full headers and with the original recipient’s email address intact to

7.2.3 Amadeus’ automatic processor will register the complaint against the applicable list and notify the Amadeus Standards and Practices team. Amadeus will handle complaints in accordance with its Email Marketing Policy. Actions may include Customer account suspension, imposition of fines, and account termination.

7.2.4 If Customer is responsible for a large network, Amadeus can set up a custom complaint channel for recipients. Customer may specify an acceptable complaint threshold, and if that is reached, that domain will be automatically prohibited from sending any further email to Customer’s domain. Customer may contact is designated Amadeus account manager to set up a custom complaint channel for its domain.

8. Additional Charges and Payment Terms. 

8.1. All set-up and custom service fees will be set forth in the applicable Sales Order and billed upon the Agreement Effective Date.

8.2. If Customer subscribes to GMS services only and no other Amadeus products, Customer’s billing will commence on the earlier of: (i) the date the GMS platform is connected to the PMS; or (ii) ninety (90) days after the Agreement Effective Date.

8.3. If Customer subscribes to GMS and iHotelier services, Customer will be invoiced in accordance with Customer’s bundle agreement.

8.4. If applicable, Customer will pay for all third-party mitigation charges incurred by Amadeus in defending against distributed denial of services (DDOS) attacks that are specifically directed toward Customer.

9. Third-Party Services. 

9.1. Amadeus will provide a list of third-party services that are currently implemented with GMS upon request of Customer. Customer may request Amadeus to connect to pre-approved connections to third party services by contacting its designated account manager.

9.2. Customer may request Amadeus to connect to additional third-party service providers. Customer understands and agrees that additional documentation and fees may be required. Amadeus may in its sole discretion reject any request for additional third party connections.

9.3. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Amadeus is not responsible or liable for any act or omission arising from or relating to third-party services.

9.4. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, Customer understands and agrees that (i) it has read and agree to all terms and conditions applicable to its third-party service providers, and (ii) Customer authorizes Amadeus to provide all guest data to enable provision of Customer’s designated third party services.

10. Service Level Availability

10.1. Availability.  GMS will be available 99% percent of the time during defined production hours (“System Availability”) as set forth in this Section.  If Amadeus fails to meet the System Availability for three (3) consecutive months, Customer’s sole remedy shall be the prompt and expeditious appointment of a member of Amadeus’ executive team to discussion resolution.

10.2. System Availability is tracked and calculated monthly, as follows:

(Total Production Minutes – Excluded) – Production Outage Minutes
(Total Production Minutes – Excluded)

  • “Total Production Minutes” are the total number of minutes during the production window in the month.
  • “Production Outage Minutes” represent system-wide outages that are not covered under excluded.
  • “Excluded” means:

– Regular scheduled maintenance – Any outages during the predefined maintenance window(s), or when announced 3 days or more in advance and used for system upgrades and improvements.

– Emergency scheduled maintenance – Any outages when announced 1 hour or more in advance and used for emergency repairs or upgrades that could otherwise negatively impact Customer’s operations.

– Any period of unavailability lasting less than five (5) minutes.

– Any unavailability caused by Customer’s misuse or negligence or circumstances beyond Amadeus’ reasonable control, including hosting or network provider outages and Force Majeure Events.

Unavailability of some specific features or functions within GMS while others remain available will not constitute unavailability of GMS so long as the unavailable features or functions are not, in the aggregate, material to GMS as a whole.  Additionally, third party connectivity issues and third party downtime are explicitly excluded from the System Availability calculation.