Professional Services Terms & Conditions


Professional Services Terms


The following additional terms apply to the use of the above-referenced Services. These terms are an integral part of the Agreement. To the extent of a conflict between these terms below and the terms of the MSSA, the terms below will prevail.

  1. Invoicing. All Professional Services charges on the Service Order shall be invoiced in full upon Amadeus’ commencement of Customer’s project.
  2. Reperformance of Professional Services. In the event any Professional Services are not performed in material compliance with the terms of the applicable Service Order, Customer will notify Amadeus in writing within thirty (30) calendar days of performance of the affected Professional Services by Amadeus. Customer’s notice must specify the basis for claiming non-compliance with the Service Order. If Amadeus agrees with the basis for material non-compliance, then Amadeus will either re-perform such Professional Services at no additional charge to Customer or credit Customer the applicable prorated charges for the affected Professional Services. The foregoing constitutes Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and Amadeus’ sole and exclusive liability with respect to performance or non-performance of the professional services.
  3. Cancellation Fee. Customer acknowledges that Amadeus schedules resources in advance and that Amadeus would incur significant expenses, including downtime of those resources, if scheduled Professional Service(s) is canceled, delayed, or rescheduled within ten (10) days of the scheduled Professional Service date i) by Customer for its convenience; or ii) due to Customer delay or being unprepared for performance of the Professional Service(s). As such, in the event of any such cancellation, delay, or rescheduling, Amadeus may: i) assess a cancellation fee of up to eighty percent (80%) of the total price of the scheduled Professional Service if Amadeus cannot reschedule the resources to a chargeable project for an alternative customer; and ii) charge Customer for any non-refundable airline fees, change fees or other nonrefundable travel and related expenses unused due to the delay.
  4. Pricing. Professional Services pricing becomes stale and may need to be re-quoted if not consumed due to Customer’s delay in performance. Additionally, if any Professional Services are not consumed after one (1) year from the Effective Date, Amadeus shall have the right to close out unconsumed Professional Services under this Service Order.