Amadeus Service Optimization Terms & Conditions

Service Optimization Terms 

The following additional terms apply to the use of the above-referenced Services. These terms are an integral part of the Agreement.  To the extent of a conflict between these terms below and the terms of the MSSA, the terms below will prevail.

  1. IMAGE/ATTACHMENT DATA. Each Service Optimization Subscription Services subscription provides for storage of customer data for up to 50GB, excluding HotSOS Mild which contains 5GB of storage.
  2. DATA RETENTION POLICY. Amadeus automatically deletes Customer’s internal service orders after eighteen (18) months from date of upload to the Service Optimization Subscription Services. Additional time and storage may be purchased.
  3. SERVICE LEVEL AVAILABLITY. The Subscription Service will be available 99% percent of the time during defined production hours (“System Availability”) as set forth in this “Service Level Agreement” (this “SLA”).   If Amadeus fails to meet the System Availability for three (3) consecutive months, Customer’s sole remedy shall be the prompt and expeditious appointment of a member of Amadeus’ executive team to resolve Customer’s disputes.

System Availability is tracked and calculated monthly, as follows:

(Total Production Minutes – excluded) – Production Outage Minutes

(Total Production Minutes – excluded)


  • Total Production Minutes are the total number of minutes during the production window in the month.
  • Production Outage Minutes represent system-wide outages that are not covered under excluded.
  • Excluded means the following:

– Regular Scheduled Maintenance – Any outages during the predefined maintenance window(s), or when announced 3 days or more in advance and used for system upgrades and improvements.

– Emergency Scheduled Maintenance – Any outages when announced 1 hour or more in advance and used for emergency repairs or upgrades that could otherwise negatively impact Customer’s operations.

– Any period of unavailability lasting less than five (5) minutes.

– Any unavailability caused by Customer’s misuse or negligence or circumstances beyond Amadeus’ reasonable control, including hosting or network provider outages and Force Majeure Events.

Unavailability of some specific features or functions within the Subscription Service while others remain available will not constitute unavailability of the Subscription Service so long as the unavailable features or functions are not, in the aggregate, material to the Subscription Service as a whole.  Additionally, third party connectivity issues and third party downtime are explicitly excluded from the System Availability calculation.