Amadeus Web Solutions Terms

The following additional terms apply to the use of the above-referenced Services. These terms are an integral part of the Agreement. To the extent of a conflict between the terms below and the terms of the MSSA, the terms below will prevail.


1. Web Solutions. The following package options are currently available within Amadeus Web Solutions:

1.1. Amadeus Essential Websites (“Essential Websites”). The Essential Website package includes a pre-defined website design and a defined set of built-in platform functionalities, design options and features listed in the Service Order. Customer understands and agrees that the Essential Website design package does not include any custom development work or styling outside of built-in options. All Essential Websites include 1 Essential Amadeus theme – pop styling (logo, font, colors and images) and layout based on flexible built-in options.

1.2. Amadeus Custom Websites (“Custom Websites”). The Custom Website package includes a custom website design and, if applicable, a defined set of customized functionalities and features listed in the Service Order. Customer understands and agrees that except as specifically listed in the Service Order, the Custom Website design package does not include any other custom development work.

1.3. Amadeus Web Select (“Web Select”). The Web Select ​package includes a pre-defined Web Select theme – based on provided brand guidelines, with limited changes to styling (logo, images, fonts, colours, CSS) and layout based on options built into such theme. If Customer requires a group site, Customer must purchase one Essential Website group portal site along with as many Web Select single property websites as required.

1.4. Amadeus Hotel Collection (“Hotel Collection”). The Hotel Collection package includes one Essential Website group portal site together with one landing page per property (with a minimum of 5 properties unless the Service Order states otherwise).

Unless otherwise stated, Amadeus Web Solutions will include:

• Website project manager
• Unlimited pages and landing pages through CMS (self-service)
• Website hosting and CMS maintenance
• SSL/TLS certificate
• 1 round of design revisions
• 1 round of full website revision


2. Project Timeline, Delay and Resource Allocation.

Customer understands and agrees that:

2.1. The Amadeus web team will provide an estimated project timeline after receiving the signed Service Order and Agreement.

2.2. A project’s estimated timeline is contingent on Amadeus resource availability at the project start date. Any timeline communicated prior to the project start date is provisional.

2.3. If contracted, any third-party integration or integration with additional Amadeus products to the website may affect the project timeline.

2.4. Any requested changes to the deliverables or any aspect of the design including enhancements, functionalities, or features not listed in the Service Order require a signed amendment to the Service Order or Agreement and may delay the project timeline.

2.5. Customer must provide feedback, assigned deliverables and Customer Content in a timely manner. Any delay in Customer’s response or other obligations may impact the estimated project timeline.

2.6. If any Customer deliverable is delayed, Customer may incur additional fees and Amadeus resources may be assigned to another active project. Once Customer provides the deliverable in question, Amadeus resources will be rescheduled back to the project.  Amadeus resources may not be immediately available.


3. Website Revisions.

3.1. Each Amadeus deliverable, including the website itself, may go through a limited number of Rounds of Revisions as determined by Amadeus.

3.2. A “Round of Revision” means the following sequence of steps:

Step 1.  Amadeus sends deliverable to Customer for review.

Step 2.  Customer sends all change/revision requests (if any) as a single written update to Amadeus.

Step 3.  Amadeus reviews the change/revision requests.

Step 4.  If any change/revision request would incur additional Charges:

a.        Amadeus notifies Customer of the corresponding Charges; and

b.       Customer confirms the changes to be performed and corresponding Charges.

Step 5.  Amadeus delivers a new version of the deliverable to Customer including the requested changes/revisions (standard and paid).

3.3. The below table shows the standard number of Rounds of Revisions for the Amadeus deliverables. For deliverables not listed below, the web project manager will provide the corresponding standard number of Rounds of Revisions after the start of the project.

Deliverable Number of Rounds of Revision Revision purpose
Custom website design proposal*1 Three Finalize design proposal
Copywriting (if contracted) One Review and confirm copywriting materials
Full, content-complete website**2 One Submit all final comments and feedback in order to finalize the production-ready version of the website

1*For a Custom website: Customer will receive a single custom design proposal from Amadeus. The proposal will be built incrementally through the above successive Rounds of Revision.

2**For Essential Websites, Web Select or Hotel Collection: Customer will receive a single design proposal from Amadeus, either as a design-focused delivery or directly as part of the content-complete website. The design (and flexibility for possible adjustments) is fully determined by the built-in options of the chosen Essential product at the time the website is created.

4. Deliverables and Languages.

4.1. As part of the project timeline, the web project manager will also specify the deliverables and the dates by which Amadeus and Customer will complete the respective deliverables.

4.2. If contracted, Amadeus will review Customer’s current website copywriting and incorporate Customer’s designated sections into Amadeus’ copywriting deliverable.

4.3. Copywriting is provided in English unless otherwise stated. Customer is responsible for providing all translated content to Amadeus. Amadeus will assist Customer with uploading translated content but will not write, proofread or make any revisions to the translated content itself.

5. Training.
Throughout the MSSA Term, Customer may access and use Amadeus’ webinars and other trainings available through Amadeus’ Learning Services portal. Customer will have access to training with respect to the Amadeus’ Content Management System (“CMS”). If Customer requires additional training, Customer will pay Amadeus’ then-standard hourly rates for such training. If in-person training is requested, Amadeus fees will include travel related expenses.


6. Website Management.

6.1. Customer is responsible for the management and upkeep of all content and images on its website. Customer understands that Customer has full access to its website, which includes the ability to add or remove content, features, and functionalities (the “Customer Changes”). Customer is fully liable for any and all Customer Changes, including the loss of direct bookings.

6.2. Customer is responsible for maintaining the security of Customer’s account and for all activities or actions taken in Customer’s account in connection with the website.

6.3. Customer acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances will Amadeus be liable, in any way, for any of Customer’s or any third party’s acts or omissions (including any Customer Changes), including but not limited to damages of any kind, related to, or incurred as a result of Customer’s, or third party’s, management of its website or its CMS account security.

6.4. Amadeus’ standard website support includes maintenance and assistance to address website functionality bugs for the duration of the MSSA Term. A “functional bug” means that a feature or functionality of the website is not working as intended or as designed in each case when the website or feature was originally launched. For example, a “functional bug” exists where the end-user selects/clicks on, a “book now” button which, when clicked, does not direct the end-user to the booking engine. Customer will pay for any other maintenance, change or support request at Amadeus’ then-standard hourly rates in accordance with Section 4 (Charges and Payment) of the Agreement.


7. Website Ownership.

7.1. If Customer provides to Amadeus any design or other intellectual property produced by a third-party (“Third-Party Design”), Customer understands and agrees that (i) Amadeus will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement the Third-Party Design, (ii) Customer represents and warrants that it has the necessary rights in the Third-Party Design to both provide it to Amadeus and to utilize it as part of its Custom Website (the “Third-Party Design Warranty”); and (iii) usage of a Third Party Design may affect the project timeline. Customer will indemnify and hold harmless Amadeus for any costs, expenses, claims, or allegations, including legal fees, arising from any actual or alleged breach of the Third-Party Design Warranty in accordance with Section 9 (Indemnification) of the Agreement.

7.2. Customer owns all worldwide rights, title, and interest to the copy, pictures, trademarks, and other content provided by Customer for the website (“Customer Content”). Amadeus and/or its authorized sub-processors own all worldwide rights, title, and interest to all other aspects of the website, including but not limited to the layout, functionality, menus and general design of the website, HTML, cascading style sheets, the content management system, java scripts or other programming code and tools (the “Amadeus Web System”). Amadeus grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the Amadeus Web System during the MSSA Term.

7.3. For Custom Website Customers, if requested, Amadeus will (i) provide Customer with the flat files comprising the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript specific to those elements used in Customer’s website (the “Website Content”) and all Customer Content (including images) to Customer, excluding the files and functionalities related to the CMS provided that, Customer has made a request to Amadeus in writing within thirty (30) days after termination or expiry of the Agreement, and (ii) grant a perpetual, royalty-free, revocable right and license to use the Website Content provided that Customer’s account is fully paid-up, including payment of a Content Request Fee. The “Content Request Fee” is an amount equal to 12 multiplied by Customer’s then-current monthly charges as set forth in the Service Order.


8. ADA and other Disability Rights Laws.

8.1. Amadeus will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist Customer to develop websites that comply with applicable laws, policies, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to website accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) or European Accessibility Act (“EAA”), as applicable. Customer understands and agrees that Customer is responsible for determining the applicability of the laws and regulations to its websites. Customer further understands and agrees that it is not known how or whether the ADA, WCAG or EAA (if any) applies to websites, and if does apply to websites, what exact processes are required for a website to be considered “accessible” under the ADA, EAA or WCAG. Therefore, notwithstanding any obligation in the Agreement, Customer understands and agrees that Amadeus has no responsibility or liability for compliance with the ADA, EEA or WCAG or similar regulations.


9. Additional Charges and Payment Terms

9.1. For any changes/revisions to the website that would require additional development work, Customer agrees to execute a Change Order and pay additional Charges for such changes/revisions at Amadeus’ then-current rate.

9.2. Additional Rounds of Revisions will be charged at Amadeus’ then-standard hourly rates.

9.3. Upfront Charges (unless the Service Order and Agreement states otherwise) and the first monthly fee are due and payable upon the Effective Date and, thereafter, Customer will pay all other Charges in accordance with the Agreement and applicable Service Order.

9.4. In addition to any other remedies available to Amadeus under the Agreement, if Customer fails to pay the Charges more than sixty (60) days after the invoice date, Amadeus may suspend hosting and other services for Customer’s website until Customer has paid all outstanding Charges in full.

9.5. If applicable, Customer will pay for all third-party mitigation charges incurred by Amadeus in defending against distributed denial of services (DDOS) attacks that are specifically directed toward Customer.


10. Use of Third-Party Applications.

10.1. Customer understands and agrees that any widget, code, script, or tool provided by Customer or a third-party for integration, incorporation, link, or connection to the Services (or any update or maintenance of such connections), including but not limited to any request to integrate with a non-Amadeus application programming interfaces is considered an “Additional Third-Party Service”. Amadeus may accept or reject an Additional Third-Party Service at its sole discretion. If Amadeus agrees to permit an Additional Third Party Service, it may require a statement of work and additional Charges may apply. Customer confirms it has entered into a written agreement with all applicable third-party vendors prior to request any Additional Third-Party Services. Customer agrees to notify Amadeus prior to the termination of any applicable Additional Third-Party Services agreement and either disable or request Amadeus to disable the Additional Third-Party Services at least ninety (90) days before the termination date of the applicable Services.

10.2. Customer further understands and agrees that Amadeus has no responsibility or liability for any Additional Third-Party Service including but not limited to any website downtime or degradation caused thereby and Amadeus has no obligation to monitor nor maintain such Additional Third-Party Services applications nor new versions, releases, or updates of such Additional Third-Party Services or its applications. If Customer or Amadeus encounters any issues related to or in any way impacting the security or performance of the Services or any other customer, Amadeus may cease providing the Additional Third-Party Service immediately upon notice without liability or amendment to the Agreement. All requests for installation of third-party applications may be sent to Web Support at to be reviewed and prioritized by our web development team.


11. Website Characteristics.

11.1.           Customer understands and agrees that Amadeus will only produce a website for the Customer Properties listed on the Service Order and Agreement. Customer may not (i) assign the Agreement, website, or deliverables to another property; or (ii) share the website with any property not listed in the Agreement.

11.2.           Amadeus supports the following browsers (and versions of those browsers):

• Microsoft Edge*3 only on Windows
• Mobile OS Browser*
• Chrome* only on Mac OSX and Windows
• Firefox* only on Mac OSX and Windows
• Safari* only on Mac OSX

11.3.           The CMS backend supports the following browsers:

• Chrome**4 only on Mac OSX and Windows
• Firefox** only on Mac OSX and Windows
• Safari** only on Mac OSX

3 * Support for live customer websites is offered on the latest version at the time of the initial website release. As new versions are released, Amadeus will deprecate the support of older versions.
4 ** The CMS backend is supported by up-to-date versions of the above listed browsers. As new versions of these browsers are released, Amadeus will deprecate the support of older versions of these browsers.



Amadeus Video Terms  


The following additional terms apply to the use of the above-referenced Services. These terms are an integral part of the Agreement. To the extent of a conflict between the terms below and the terms of the MSSA, the terms below will prevail. These Amadeus Video Terms may be updated from time to time.


1. Service Description.  Amadeus Video Solutions is a video hosting service that allows Customer to display video content on its website, mobile applications and booking engine.

2. License Terms.
Amadeus grants Customer a non-exclusive, worldwide right and license (a) to access, use and display Customer videos on websites, mobile applications, and booking engine operated and maintained by Amadeus; and (b) to display the videos through the video player developed and maintained by Amadeus. Amadeus grants Customer the right to use and embed code to display the video in accordance with the integration rules and design agreed between the parties.

3. Customer Obligations.

Customer understands and agrees:

3.1. Customer is responsible for embedding the URL provided by Amadeus in order to display its video on the website, booking engine and/or mobile applications.

3.2. Customer is responsible for providing all video content to Amadeus in the following format:

General Video Audio
• 16/9
• Format MPEG-4
• 1080p
• Codec H.264
• Overall bit rate mode: Variable
• Overall bit rate: 25 Mbps
• Format: AVC
• Codec: Advanced Video Coding Main Concept H.264
• Bit rate mode: Variable
• Bit rate: 25 Mbps
• Maximum bit rate: 35 Mbps
• Width: 1920 pixels
• Height: 1080 pixels
• Frame rate: 30 fps
• Format AAC
• Bit rate mode: Constant
• Bit rate: 256 Kbps
• Channels: 2 channels
• Sampling rate: 96 KHz

3.3. Amadeus is not responsible in any way for video quality.

4. Access to the Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module.

If Customer contracts the SEO module, Amadeus will:

4.1. Integrate a technical module necessary to optimize video-generated search engine optimization traffic from the Google search engine onto the website.

4.2. Develop and maintain a video sitemap including the videos displayed on the website and the associated data to help display videos on Google video result pages.

4.3. Monitor the following performance indicators:

4.3.1. SEO performance report

4.3.2. Number of clicks originating from Google video result pages


5. Access to the Social Media Module.

5.1. If Customer contracts the Social Media Module, Amadeus will:

5.1.1. Develop, maintain, and integrate a video player allowing users to share the videos on social network channels including but not limited to Facebook. Sharing a video will create within the personal Facebook pages of users, a Facebook module that displays a video player and a merchandising space customized for Customer.

5.1.2. Provide Customer with all necessary so-called “open graph tags” to be integrated on the websites to allow sharing of the videos.


6. Media Management and Reporting.

6.1. Amadeus will provide Customer with analytical and administration tools to follow key video distribution metrics, such as:

6.1.1. Number of views of the videos

6.1.2. Video views per domain names, including on third-party websites

6.1.3. Length of video views

6.2. Amadeus will also provide a monthly report based on such aggregate metrics.


7. Additional Charges and Payment Terms. If Customer wishes to upload additional Customer videos to the Amadeus platform, Amadeus’ then-current fees will apply.

8. Early Termination.
Notwithstanding Section 11 (Term and Termination) of the Agreement, Amadeus may terminate the video hosting services during the MSSA Term upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to Customer.