Hospitality Toolbox (HTB) Website Platform Sunsetting Technical Reference

This documentation serves as an in-depth reference guide about the sunsetting of HTB Hospitality Toolbox (Website Platform) by Amadeus.

What is the Hospitality Toolbox product sunset date?

June 30, 2021, is the product sunset date for Hospitality Toolbox. After this date, the product will no longer be available or supported. Customers should make plans to move off the platform prior to that date.

Why is Amadeus choosing to sunset this product?

We have introduced a new and improved web CMS offering better performance, self-service features, and enhanced security. We are retiring Hospitality Toolbox (HTB) because the underlying technology powering the platform is aging, making it difficult to provide you with the best availability, performance, and support. While we understand the impact a change of this type has on your business, our aim is to make sure you are successful by assisting you in this transition to a new solution.

What products will replace Custom Pro, Custom Premium, Custom Premium Responsive, and Pro Responsive?

We offer two product options within the new platform:

Typically, we map current web products to new web products as follows:

What if I want to use my website after the sunset date?

Amadeus will be discontinuing Hospitality Toolbox on June 30, 2021. This means the products will no longer be available for use. Your Amadeus account manager or sales representative will reach out to discuss options to find the best solution for your website needs.

Can I keep my data?

If you choose not to upgrade your website and instead terminate your web services, you can submit a ticket to our web support team to download the HTML files and images. There will be no fee for this service. To submit a request, see below:

Will my subscription fee be affected?

This depends on your current web product and monthly fees. Reach out to your sales representative to discuss migration pricing options.

Will my invoices/billing change?

The charge lines will be updated to reflect the new product names. The pricing will be determined based on the option you choose for migration.

Will there be any changes to the support I receive on the new Web Platform?

No. The same team that services Hospitality Toolbox also services Amadeus Web Solutions as part of the monthly web services fee. Additionally, our new Web Solutions platform has extensive self-service capabilities and allows you to make more changes and updates on your own.

When will my migration be scheduled?

The scheduled start date will vary based on when you agree to move forward with the migration. We are requesting all commitments to be made by December 31, 2020, so we can schedule accordingly.