Rebuilding Hospitality: Trends in Demand, Data and Technology That are Driving Recovery

Amadeus hospitality report 2022

COVID-19 has reshaped the hospitality industry and forced hoteliers to rapidly change their strategies across the board. They’ve adjusted on-property systems to be touchless, shifted distribution and marketing approaches to appeal to new traveler segments, and re-priced inventory without suitable historical data. It’s been a year of flux, but with vaccines circulating and consumer confidence returning, there are strong indications the industry is ready to turn a corner.

Our new hospitality report, “Rebuilding Hospitality: Trends in Demand, Data, and Technology That are Driving Recovery,” combines insights from our exclusive global hotelier survey with Amadeus’ Demand360® business intelligence data to highlight the trends that have defined the industry during the pandemic as well as best practices for hoteliers to plan their recovery.

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