Travel Insights 2024: Focus on the Americas

Enabling destinations to better understand travel insights for their region

Travel is recovering at a rapid pace. The past few years have demonstrated peoples’ desire to live more fully and see the world. These travelers have an elevated expectation for personalized experiences and the confidence to explore more broadly – and to new places.

Together, Amadeus and UN Tourism have a goal to support global hospitality organizations with the insights needed to drive travel demand with a focus on sustainability to support the planet, places, and people around us.

Our new report, Travel Insights 2024: Focus on the Americas, is now available for download. It highlights the full scope of travel trends across air search, booking, capacity and forecast based on insights from Amadeus Search Analytics and Amadeus Air Traffic Forecast solutions. The report also contains data on hotel occupancy and booking lead time insights from Amadeus’ Demand360+® which provides a comprehensive overview of market insights from more than 41,000 hotel properties globally.

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