Amadeus Delphi: System Requirements

Delphi - now Amadeus Sales & Event Management - allows hospitality professionals to deliver exciting, engaging events, underpinned by exceptional customer service and operational efficiency.
Deployment Options: Choices That Fit
Amadeus Delphi is available as a service, hosted, or on premise. Amadeus gives hospitality professionals the control, flexibility, visibility, and peace of mind needed to successfully manage and grow business.

Interested in a Solution for Your Organization?

Integration Options: Designed for Flexibility

Amadeus Delphi is expandable to address the diverse needs of all hospitality organizations. It integrates with other Amadeus solutions as well as those from leading third party vendors, such as:

  • PremiumView provides meeting intelligence delivered to the Delphi Inbox to help uncover leads and win group business.
  • MeetingBroker routes RFPs from leading distribution channels to the Delphi Inbox of sales representatives.
  • eProposal enables sales team members to quickly and easily answer RFPs from within Delphi to gain a first responder advantage.
  • Connex provides integration with third party vendors such as Property Management Systems (PMS), Revenue Management Systems (RMS), and Event Management Systems (EMS). Learn more about integration for Delphi to Opera OXI and Delphi to LMS.