For over 30 years, We have been defining hospitality technology and personal support. Now, as part of Amadeus, a global leader in travel solutions, you can expect the same service but with large scale, scope and breadth shaping the future of travel.


In today’s world, hoteliers are realizing the importance of hotel technology to their daily operations in enhancing the guest experience, rather than replacing the human factor; transforming it from a ‘nice to have’ to a necessity.

In 2015, HotSOS generated over 92 million service orders to help hotels worldwide save over $100 million! 2015-service-optimization-savings

HotSOS Housekeeping also assisted 38 thousand room attendants in cleaning over 34 million guestrooms saving hotels an average of $116 per guestroom, yearly!

Download the whitepaper to read the complete statistics and stories our existing clients are revealing through service optimization.

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