Amadeus Data Reveals Jinghong to be the Top Hotel Destination for Chinese New Year

Alison Guillot

As Chinese New Year approaches, hoteliers in Greater China should prepare for a welcome surge in visitors. Unique forward-looking hotel booking data from Amadeus shows high demand for travel across various cities for the upcoming holiday period which runs February 10-17th.

The top hotel markets based on hotel occupancy for the holiday week are:

1.         Jinghong, China 79%

2.       Shantou, China 60%

3.       Dali, China 59%

4.       Jilin, China 56%

5.       Zhuhai, China 54%

Source: Amadeus’ Demand360+® data as of January 15, 2024


In addition to high occupancies, travelers are also paying more for their stay compared to last year. According to Amadeus data, average daily rate (ADR) in the top destination of Jinghong is $320 USD, an 8% increase from the week of Chinese New Year 2023.

Data shows a similar story for the city of Shantou, with ADR 5% higher this year over last. This demonstrates the strong rebound of China’s hospitality industry since the country reopened for travel.

Air travel trends for the holiday period also show an interesting pattern, as the top markets inbound to China and outbound from China are the same.

The top air markets in China both inbound and outbound based on air traffic volume for the holiday week are:

1.         Thailand

2.       South Korea

3.       Japan

4.       Hong Kong

5.       Singapore

Source: Amadeus Traffic Analytics™ data as of January 22, 2024


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