Amadeus Launches Value Cars – a Seamless Experience for Travel Sellers to Offer Mobility Content

Jennifer Axness

Originally published on Amadeus Insights

Amadeus Value Cars™ will provide travel sellers with more choices for customers when booking car rental


March 5, 2024 – Amadeus’ new car rental offering, Amadeus Value Cars™, simplifies how travel agencies sell car rental content. With package tour operator, Anex Gruppe, as one of the launch partners, Amadeus Value Cars will help travel sellers to provide the best value option for travelers. It will revolutionize payment flows and enhance ancillary sales capabilities in mobility for travel sellers.

Today, the fragmented nature of the car rental industry is a challenge for travel sellers who are faced with hundreds of potential providers and complex payment flows. Providing mobility options can be resource heavy and expensive for travel sellers.

Recognizing these challenges, Amadeus has designed Amadeus Value Cars to provide a seamless experience for both travel sellers and travelers. This breakthrough solution addresses a crucial pain point in the travel industry: streamlining financial transactions and improving overall service quality. Travel sellers can now offer mobility content without the need to manage multiple agreements, connections, or reconciliation.

For travelers, Amadeus Value Cars enables travel sellers to provide a wide variety of car rental options at the best possible prices. Through Amadeus’ global footprint, travel sellers can be assured that they are sourcing top-quality deals.

Anex Gruppe will be expanding to integrate car rental services so that it continues to deliver exceptional travel experiences to its customers. Amadeus Value Cars will cover the servicing, providing customers with its highest level of care. Owing to Amadeus’ international relationships, Amadeus Value Cars customers will gain access to offers from multiple participating car rental providers and thousands of locations worldwide.

Amadeus Value Cars is now part of the Amadeus Value Content portfolio, joining Amadeus Value Hotels. The inclusion of Amadeus Value Cars marks the first step in expanding the portfolio to meet travelers’ expectations and better serve travel seller customers.

Ismar Bajric, Director Marketing, Anex Gruppe, says: “As a launch partner of Amadeus Value Cars, we are excited to enhance our portfolio and be able to offer mobility services to our customers, which will in return grow our ancillary sales and better cater to our customers’ needs.  Finally, by handling the servicing of end travelers, Amadeus Value Cars allows us to concentrate on other important tasks and grow our core business.”

Peter Altmann, Vice President, Mobility & Travel Protection, Hospitality, Amadeus: “We believe in providing our mobility customers with easy access to the content they need, and in delivering technology that enables success both now and in the future. The collaboration with Anex Gruppe to introduce Amadeus Value Cars is an exciting development toward achieving this goal. Amadeus Value Cars is the continuation of what we’ve achieved so far with Amadeus Value Hotels, and how we expand into the prepaid world and into the leisure segment.”

The solution will initially be available in Euro-zone countries with plans to expand further.




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