What tools are in your toolbox?

Anna Ransom


 “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”  – Abraham Maslow

It’s likely that at some point when facing challenges in your business you’ve heard this quote or other analogies such as having a “toolbox” of resources available to you. Whichever your experience, the moral remains the same: you need to understand what you have for resources to address various situations that may arise in business.

This becomes so important when we’re considering technology.  I recently discussed a post that cited Forrester Research’s five key areas to consider when upgrading in conversation with an IT Manager.  We chatted about how skipping releases could result in 1.5 to 2 times the hard costs of a normal upgrade and his perspective was that the research was a few years old and the costs could potentially be higher than what was stated when considering the unique needs of each business.

As my mind churned following our conversation I realized that these upgrade costs could increase significantly higher if a business was running software solutions that have a dependency on hardware capabilities, especially if you have skipped release upgrades.

As many technology vendors move to a subscription model for their solutions, the benefits gained by their customers are significant, not the least of which is the decreased costs and dependency on hardware requirements while being able to quickly implement the newest solution enhancements included in the cost of their subscription.

This takes us back to our hammer or toolbox analogies.  How many tools does your team have to address various challenges that arise in business? How adaptable are your technology solutions to meeting the needs of changing consumer expectations? When you work with a vendor that is focused on continuously innovating within their portfolio and through partner relationships you have the option to significantly enhance the capabilities of your team with the use to technology.

If you are currently using an older version of our Delphi software or are not on the latest Delphi package, there is a high likelihood that your team could have access to more tools than they are currently leveraging.  In the past year alone we have released nine new packages with over 40 enhancements for our Delphi solution with the goal of providing you with new capabilities, improved performance and scalability, as well as integrations to other business critical systems. Think of that as 40 new tools in your toolbox, empowering streamlined business performance to increase topline revenue, decrease operational costs, and improve guest satisfaction leading to repeat business.

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