eHotelier – SEH United Hoteliers goes digital with the “All on-board for change” programme

Eric Oppegaard


As Europe’s leading multi-brand hotel cooperative group, SEH United Hoteliers is embarking on a digital transition to better meet clients’ needs and offer a unique experience in its 600 hotels.

Having embraced the deep-set changes currently shaking up the hospitality industry, the Group decided to revolutionise its practices in a very different way to the techniques currently used by other hospitality and travel professionals: working in total synergy and partnership with the Group’s independent hotel members.

This three-year transformation plan aims to simplify tools, improve everyday management efficiency and develop a loyalty scheme that rewards and acknowledges clients. The plan also aims to boost the number of hotel members from 600 to over 1,000. Six working groups were set up and have produced six ambitious programmes that have been launched and designed for and by hotels. They were developed based on hotels’ on-the-ground experience and observations, drawing on how establishments have seen their clients’ demands and needs change on a daily basis.

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