MeetingMatrix & Delphi Diagrams Sunsetting Technical Reference

This documentation serves as an in-depth reference guide about the sunsetting of MeetingMatrix and Delphi Diagrams products.

Important Date(s)

Product Name

Sunset Date

MeetingMatrix Site Visit November 18, 2019
MeetingMatrix iPlan Flash December 8, 2019
MeetingMatrix Online January 1, 2021
Delphi Diagrams June 30, 2021

Sunset Process

Amadeus will sunset MeetingMatrix SiteVisit on November 18, 2019 and MeetingMatrix iPlan Flash on December 8, 2019. Amadeus will sunset Delphi Diagrams on June 30, 2021. Amadeus strongly recommends customers discontinue use of these products prior to their corresponding end-of-life date. Please refer to the Amadeus Fixed Life Cycle Policy for additional information.

Customer Impact

No further solution updates will be made to the code base. Amadeus will no longer update the platform. As our partners make changes to their platforms and solutions, the risk of incompatibility grows. A situation could arise where Customer Support cannot resolve the incompatibility, resulting in poor performance or failure. For example, a third-party operating system on which these solutions run could experience a security change that makes a communication protocol adjustment, requiring a change to these applications for continued operation. Amadeus no longer has development sustaining teams dedicated to resolving code issues. If a critical product issue were to surface, the customer may be forced to make a product decision quickly without much planning and migration analysis. It is important to note that Adobe ends support for Flash in December 2020.

Limited internal escalation options for the product, which may result in longer outages and the possibility an issue cannot be resolved. As a product exits engineering, talent is redirected to focus on newer technologies and when critical product issues arise, there is no ability for the organization to quickly address them. Research is required, which lengthens the time to resolution. Further, even if a solution is found, it must be fully tested. In most cases, testers and environments will not be available and would have to be secured. This situation further lengthens the time to resolution. Instead of minutes or hours, it may be days or weeks before a system can be fully recovered.

Increased operational challenges with legacy products due to an aging platform. The concept here is “out-of-sight, out-of-mind.” As Customer Support talent focuses on learning and supporting newer technologies, older technologies become more difficult to maintain. As stated earlier, issues require more research which lengthens time to resolution. In some extreme cases, Customer Support may not be able to bring a solution fully back online, resulting in the need for an urgent plan to help a customer move to a new solution in an unplanned action.

Please see Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming to learn more about upgrading to Diagramming Website and Venue editions.