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New HotSOS Experience: The Most Comprehensive Service Optimization Solution in the Market

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Amadeus Service Optimization Solutions made a world of difference to:

  • Save $375mil globally and $177 approx per guest room
  • Expedite the cleaning of over 123mil rooms to improve room readiness
  • Prevent over $90mil worth of potential guest service recoveries
  • Expedite and execute over 150mil service orders to reduce manual effort
  • Increase online review scores by completing over 5.9mil guest room and staff service inspections

New HotSOS Experience

  • Maximize Efficiency with the newest, most comprehensive solution

Enhanced functionality, easy-to-use navigation, and modern interface.

  • Empower teams and reduce staff onboarding and training time

New in-line training, search functionality, and ‘tips tool’ offering guidance in the solution.

  • Optimize labor and guest response times

Dynamic operational dashboards, labor output metrics, and guest amenity request features.

  • Elevate data and security measures

Automatic updates of new features, enhancements, and advanced security controls.

  • Gain the ultimate competitive edge

Expansive network & ecosystem of compatible vendors to meet new market demands.

Improving Staff-Facing Technology Ranks in the Top 5 Priorities.

From ensuring basic customer needs are met, to executing highly personalized and anticipatory service, Amadeus Service Optimization solutions prioritize behind-the-scenes work to inspire exceptional stays. Globally supporting hotel properties spanning across 175 countries, industry leaders trust Amadeus Service Optimization solutions to make a world of difference in automating hotel operations, reducing labor costs, improving service speed and engaging teams.

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