Fact Sheet

4 Phase Theory of Travel Return

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Recovery from the COVID-19 crisis will require a cohesive and flexible strategy that aligns with the specific travel restrictions of each individual region and market. Understanding regulations from one stage of recovery to the next and how those regulations will impact your property can provide a guidepost for your recovery planning.

While we cannot say how long any one phase will last in any particular region, it seems likely that each region will experience a progression through a series of phases from Lock Down or Restricted Reopening, through to Local Reopening, Domestic Reopening, Continental Reopening, and finally Global Reopening.

We’ve mapped out what these 4 phases of recovery might look like, and have outlined the different traveler dynamics within each to help hoteliers on their road to recovery. Download our new “4 Phase Theory of Travel Return” infographic today to better understand regulatory/reopening dynamics.