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SalesPro Technology Transfer – Account, Contact & Activity Migration 

Hotel Sales & CateringPro to Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard 


 Definition of Services  


The SalesPro Technology Transfer is ideal for a property on the Hotel Sales & CateringPro platform that wants their account, contact, and activity records migrated to Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard.  Please feel free to browse our Training and Help content in advance to understand this new and evolved sales & catering solution:  Training and Help for Standard & Essentials. 


The contact (Corporate Administrator) for your SalesPro Technology Transfer should be prepared to identify current active users in Hotel Sales & CateringPro for the program to create in its process. 



  • Emails will provide schedule and timeline information for the data migration as outlined in this Definition of Services and will serve as the sole means to provide updates throughout the program. 
  • The migration of Hotel Sales & CateringPro database inclusive of: 
  • Up to three (3) years of historical Account activity data   
  • The creation of a Corporate Administrator  
  • Creation of Users as dictated by the number of active Hotel Sales & CateringPro UsersIn the event named users are not provided, all records will be migrated to the Corporate Administrator user.  
  • Users that are listed to be a license holder will be mapped one to one. All other records owned by users other than the Corporate Administrator or listed users, will be mapped to the Corporate Administrator 
  • Reassignment and creation of additional users can be performed by the Corporate Administrator after the migration in the Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard  solution. 


Accounts, Contact and Activities  

  • Includes all active Accounts (regardless of Account Status) and related Contacts for your property or properties 
  • Traces with a Start Time will be migrated as Appointments and otherwise migrated as Tasks 


Setup Values 

  • Site Setup Values will be migrated as Property Setup Values, which can be deactivated as needed 
  • Universal Setup Values will be migrated as Corporate Setup Values 



  • Users will have User-level access after the migration (this can be updated by the Corporate Administrator to promote to Property Administrator and additional Property access) 
  • If a migrated User does not have an email address or has an invalid email address, their Amadeus email address is auto-generated 
  • Example:  ryan42613| 


EMS Interface 

  • Existing EMS reader board interfaces in Hotel Sales & CateringPro database will be replaced where the same EMS reader board interface also exists in Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard 




Out of Scope   

The following services are not included in this technology transfer project. Please contact your Amadeus sales representative if you would like information on additional Amadeus services.   

  • Migration of more than three (3) years of historical Activity (Trace) data 
  • Migration of Groups, Functions, BEOs, Guestroom Blocks and Function Items 
  • Migration of Account Tracking data (for Volume Contracts) 
  • Assistance with data clean up in hotel Sales & CateringPro or in Standard  post-migration 
  • Data de-duping (Accounts, Contacts) in hotel Sales & CateringPro or in Standard  
  • Cross-referencing of Setup Values (All Account Market Segment and Lead Source values are migrated.  Other Setup Values are provided as standard picklist selections.) 
  •  Migration of data to a Sandbox prior to production migration  
  •  Custom field mapping between hotel Sales & CateringPro and Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard.  
  •  Account and Contact record access restrictions (Accounts and Contacts are shared by all users and properties)  
  •  Migration of Reports and Merge Documents such as contracts.  A BEO, Banquet Check and other standard merge forms will be provided in the new application. 
  •  Migration of currency values other than USD and CAD 
  •  Business Consulting and Instructor-led Training 
  •  Editing certain Salesforce processes and/or configurations enabled in a multi-module environment. 




  • The migration to Amadeus Sales & Event Management (ASEM) – Standard as part of the SalesPro Technology Transfer will be performed free of charge to the Subscriber. Any services requested outside the scope outlined in this document will be managed separately and will require separate contracting for migration services.  
  • The licensing amount for the Client will remain the same as billed today. The amount will be determined by the number of active users indicated to be created in the new platform with a maximum amount being the number of current active users in Hotel Sales & CateringPro at the time of the migration. 
  • Scheduling of the migration will be done by Amadeus. The Migration Date will be communicated to the Corporate Administrator via email at least two weeks prior to the migration event. If a client requires a custom timeline, this will be managed outside the scope of the SalesPro Technology Transfer offer and will require separate contracting for migration services.  
  • Amadeus will migrate properties residing in the same Hotel Sales & CateringPro database to a shared Salesforce Org with the same properties.  
  • In the SalesPro Technology Transfer, the migration utilizes tooling that will transfer the data to the source system. The Corporate Administrator will be responsible post migration for validating and, as needed, updating the data through self-service capability provided.  
  • A data validation report will be provided following your migrationThe report will identify specific records that failed to migrate as expected. These records will need to be reference in the source Hotel Sales & CateringPro system and re-keyed manually into ASEM at your discretion. 
  • The Corporate Administrator is expected to execute a complete and comprehensive review of the data within two (2) business days of the migration completion.  
  • Beyond this period, the end-state of your data migration will be considered final, complete, and ineligible for any further review by Amadeus 
  • Access to your Hotel Sales & CateringPro system will be terminated 30 days from your migration date.   
  • The migration will be scheduled to execute outside of normal business hours on the day of the migration. Any data added to Hotel Sales & CateringPro system after 5:00 PM ET the day prior to the scheduled migration date will not be included in the data 
  • Data entry in the Hotel Sales & CateringPro system post migration will not be included in the data migration to ASEM. Post migration access to Hotel Sales & CateringPro will be as a non-production system for validation and reference purposes only. 
  • Training materials will be made available to the subscriber free of charge. If the subscriber requests additional or supplemental training, this will be managed outside the scope of this agreement and will require separate contracting. 
  • If the client has an existing interface to a third-party system, such as PMS or RMS, additional services may be required post migration if a commercially available comparable interface is available in ASEM.  

Data Migration Specifications 

SalesPro Technology Transfer – Account, Contact & Activity Migration  

hotel Sales & CateringPro to Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard 


The following will provide specifications for an Account, Contact, Activity data migration from hotel Sales & CateringPro (HSP) to the Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard (ASEM) 

Additionally, here are some links from the Standard & Essentials Training & Help which you may find helpful to reference as you prepare for the migration.  

Accounts & Contacts 

  • All active Accounts will be migrated 
  • Account Address will be migrated from the Primary Contact’s Address 
  • Phone/Fax from the Account’s Primary Contact will be migrated with primary Contact and will also be migrated to the Account’s Phone/Fax fields 
  • Inactive Contacts associated with migrated Accounts will be migrated as Active Contacts 
  • First & Last names will be migrated, but will not populate the “Full Name” field in ASEM. 
  • Phone 2 will be migrated as Mobile Phone 
  • Phone 3 will be migrated as Other Phone 
  • Phone Extensions will be migrated with associated phone number & include “EXT” prior to the extension number. Example: “EXT: 555-555-5555″ 

Account Traces (Activities) 

  • Traces with Start Times will be migrated as an Event Activity (Appointments) 
  • Traces without Start Times will be migrated as a Task Activity 
  • Recurring Traces will be migrated as individual Activities 
  • Traces built from the Next Trace feature will be migrated as individual Activities 
  • All Traces will be migrated as Public Activities 
  • Trace Types will be migrated as Activity Type in the Activity  


  • Active HSP Users indicated to be created by the Corporate Administrator will be mapped 1 to 1. All other users will be mapped to the Corporate Administrator  
  • Users will have User-level access to one default Property following the migration (this can be updated by the Administrator to promote to a Property Admin and provide additional Property access) 
  • If a migrating HSP User does not have an email address or has an invalid email address (based on format) their ASEM  email address is auto generated. 

Data Not Included in the Migration 


  • Master Account from Account 
  • Status 
  • Priority 
  • Business 
  • SIC Code 
  • Travel Agency, Phone, & Email 
  • Key Account Checkbox 
  • Key Account Report Forecast 
  • PMS Account Code 
  • Rate Plan 
  • Discount off Rack 
  • District or Region 
  • Document Tab 


  • Profile from Qualification Tool 
  • Full Name including Middle Name 
  • Reference 
  • Anniversary 
  • Birthday 
  • Room Pref 
  • Pickup 
  • # Meetings per year 
  • Web Address 

Account Traces  

  • Recurring Traces 
  • GM Review Date 


  • User Access Rights from HSP 
  • Username & passwords from HSP 
  • User’s Name, Title, & Website