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The Evolving Traveler Journey

COVID-19 was the accelerator none of us saw coming. Over the past year, the travel industry has been faced with adapting to new regulations and expectations at a pace none of us thought possible. Today, travelers are becoming comfortable with a changing environment; one that is more transparent and digital than ever before. What do these behaviors and trends mean for the travel and hospitality industry?

Join us as we explore the Evolving Traveler Journey. Through global webinars and actionable resources and insights, we will cover the key trends impacting each stage of their journey. Together, we can rethink travel and prepare for the guest of tomorrow.

Global webinar series

The ripple effect of COVID-19 has shifted shopping and booking behavior, created new expectations on property and given a new meaning to brand loyalty. Join your local webinar as we invite Amadeus experts and guests to explore key trends impacting the Evolving Traveler Journey and what this means for your region.

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