Accessibility Policy

Last updated: July 2023

TravelClick seeks to lower the technical barriers to accessibility on our website and other digital platforms (collectively, “Digital Platforms”) for persons with disabilities. We understand that individuals with varying disabilities may seek information on our Digital Platforms, and it is our goal to provide such individuals access to the content, features, and functionality available through our website.

With the above in mind, we are taking several steps to make our Digital Platforms accessible. In addition, we will continue to implement commercially reasonable changes to improve accessibility to the content, features, and functionality of our Digital Platforms.

If you are unable to access any content, feature, or functionality available on or through our Digital Platforms, please email us at or contact our customer care team at the numbers below. We will make reasonable efforts to address the problem, which may include providing you an alternative method(s) for obtaining the content, accessing the functionality or features, and/or fulfilling your request.

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Contact Customer Support

Customer Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Email Support

You may contact Amadeus Hospitality Support for non-emergency issues by sending an email to Our goal is to initially respond to email requests within 1-2 business days.

Phone Support

Our Support team is staffed at a level that ensures your calls will be answered promptly and efficiently. To maintain our high level of Support, we continuously review our staffing needs and projections through the queue and trend analysis of incoming calls and cases. From this, we can forecast our staffing needs at any given point throughout the day to ensure a timely response to your requests.

Global Numbers by Region

EMEA: +34 932 20 16 64
Americas: +1 332-230-2595
APAC: +65 3163 5471