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Introducing the new Hospitality Group & Business Performance Index (HGBPI) – a comprehensive tool combining event data from Knowland with hotel booking data from Amadeus' Demand360®, offering a comprehensive overview of industry activity in the United States, comparing quarterly figures to 2019 performance.

These insights combined with managing group business with the industry’s leading Sales & Catering Delphi solutions, give hotels the competitive edge needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of an ever-evolving industry.

Use the HGBPI to analyze key drivers of hotel performance and leverage these insights to inform your business strategies accordingly.

Top 25 U.S. markets have rebounded to 99.1% for group business since 2019, showing positive progress

Based on Q3 2023 – Updated quarterly results as of September 30, 2023

Instructions: To view specific quarters, utilize the drop-down menus in the index.
Click on the "Overall Health" link to access more detailed information for each segment in that selected quarter.

Want More Enhanced Meeting & Event Insights?

Gain access to comprehensive insights specifically tailored for hospitality, meetings and event professionals. This exclusive access encompasses:

  • Top Market Segments: Identify the top market segments actively booking events, enabling strategic alignment with prevailing trends.
  • Average Group Size and Distribution: Understand the average group sizes and their distribution, facilitating more precise planning and resource allocation.
  • Top Industry Segments: Examine the leading industry segments to align organizational efforts with the most lucrative opportunities.
  • Quarterly Performance Reports: Receive comprehensive assessments of quarterly performance, including thorough market analysis and detailed industry segmentation, delivered directly to your inbox.

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Elevate your strategic decision-making with our comprehensive Market Insights. Explore a wealth of complimentary resources and reports that provide analysis, industry trends, and actionable intelligence to power your data-driven strategies and grow your group business.

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Rising demand means hotels must be prepared to adapt to new strategies. To set hotel teams up for success, we’ve compiled key trends, best practices, and resources based on extensive research and worldwide industry insights to help prepare for the evolving landscape of group business. Visit our "New World of Sales & Catering" page for complimentary resources spanning top trends, best practices, valuable on-demand content, and more.

Learn more about the Knowland Amadeus Partnership

The collaboration between Knowland and Amadeus marks a significant milestone in providing valuable industry intelligence to elevate the effectiveness of your decision-making process. View the press release to discover more about the expanded partnership and the new Hospitality Group & Business Performance Index.

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