What keeps hotel executives up all night? How about everything.

Today, hoteliers worldwide trust Amadeus Service Optimization Solutions to automate and streamline their workflow of operations in order to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and engage their employees in personalizing the guest experience.

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Amadeus Service Optimization Solutions

Today, travelers are often directly interacting with third parties, such as OTAs, to book, modify and confirm hotel reservations. Generation App is primarily using social media and mobile chatting to share reviews and seek out opinions. These behaviors are directly diminishing guest engagement with hotels. A recent study shows that only 22% of hotel guests were engaged in their last trip to a hotel.

Over 70% of global hotels brands in over 70 countries trust Amadeus Service Optimization Solutions to streamline their workflow of operations in an effort to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and engage their employees to deliver the brand’s promise to their guests.




Client Success

“After launching HotSOS Housekeeping at the entire property, room attendants are more efficient, translating to a 14% increase in productivity and a total labor savings of $136,000 yearly.”

Stephane Goguely
Director of Finance
Hyatt Regency Montreal, Canada

Amadeus Service Optimization Clients

Additional Success Stories

“Since we got HotSOS, we were able to increase the efficiency of our maintenance team by 30% through proactive PM scheduling programs which resulted in a 20% decrease in our guest room complaints.”

Carolina Phillips

Rooms Manager


“Since February of 2015, HotSOS Housekeeping has helped us reduce our room attendant count by two on a daily basis. This translates to $170,000 canadian dollars/yearly in labor cost!”

Stephane Goguely

Director of Finance


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