“Select Service” doesn’t mean limited expectations.

Your hotels may offer more basic services, but your guests and staff won’t be satisfied with limited communication options, slow response times or poor service.

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Keeping your physical assets in tip-top shape is hard, HotSOS Mild keeps you in shape.

Let HotSOS Mild help you automate your preventative maintenance schedules and personalize guest requests to keep them coming back!

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HotSOS Mild

A Lite version of HotSOS designed specifically to meet the needs of select service hotels. HotSOS Mild automates daily operations, schedules preventative maintenance, and improves communication and guest engagement. It empowers service teams to work in real-time with more flexibility and accountability to improve day-to-day operations and maintain your property in tip-top shape.

Preventative Maintenance & Inspection

Manage preventive maintenance schedules as well as digitize equipment and guestrooms inspections

Automate Dispatch & Connect

Automate dispatch of operational and guest requests to reduce wait times and increase efficiencies. Enable staff to virtually connect and manage their department from anywhere on any device

Make Informed Decisions

Generate reports to enable proactive operational decision making

"...a scalable and affordable solution."

Ed Burke
Vice President, Rooms & Engineering
Interstate Hotels & Resorts

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