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We want to know about your learning experience
Is there a question we haven’t answered about training? Do you have feedback on your personal learning experience?
​We want to know.

Each time you complete a course we offer a survey to gather your feedback, but sometimes you want to say more. We appreciate your important feedback and will personally answer your email.


Can’t find what you need?

Whether it’s a course, document or just a suggestion, let us know if you cannot find the information you need. We will do our best to help you find the best solution for your learning needs. We continuously revise and update our content to ensure you have comprehensive information.


Do you have a product-specific question?

If you need to know how to perform an action and did not find the assistance you needed under that product’s Self-Paced Courses, Webinar Sessions, Online Help or Documentation, then please contact Customer Support. Customer Support is the fastest way to get a response to your question.

Education & Training Information and Learning Center Login Request

Complete the following form if you are requesting:

  • Access to Learning Center for self-paced courses for a specific Hospitality product(s). Note: If you already have a Learning Center login, there is no need to complete this form. Click Self-Paced Courses Login and type your login and password.
  • A webinar session that is by request only. Type the course name in the Comments section.

​Contact Education & Training