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Guest Management Solutions

Training for Guest Management Solutions includes:

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Guest Management Solutions Quick Videos

We have demos and simulations to help you understand the Guest Management Solutions and RezQueue applications. Click the image to access.

Guest Management Solutions Basic Courses

These courses provide a look at the RezQueue and Guest Management Solutions applications.
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Course Name Method Language Availability On-Demand Session Participant Guide
RezQueue Email Basics

This course introduces you to RezQueue which enables you to review, confirm, modify, or resend your property’s event-driven emails. You will learn the procedures that allow you to monitor your pending emails and to make adjustments as needed prior to sending. You will also explore email history so that you may confirm what has been sent, permitting you to generate follow-ups if needed.

On-Demand English
24/7 English
RezQueue Essentials

This course introduces you to the RezQueue application, which is a critical component of Guest Management Solutions (GMS). In this course, you will explore three of RezQueue’s functions: Email, Surveys, and Guest Messenger.
You will learn how to use RezQueue to preview, edit and re-send transactional messages for guests, review survey responses, and communicate with guests on the platform of their choice.

Self-Paced English 24/7
Guest Management Solutions Access and Login

This 5-minute course shows you how you to access Guest Management Solutions product directly or through RezQueue or iHotelier.

Self-Paced English 24/7
Guest Management Solutions Essentials – Address Book

This course introduces you to the GMS Address Book, which is your guest database. In this course, you will learn how easy GMS makes it for you to maintain your Address Book. You can add and organize the data within it, and quickly search for any guest profile you need.

Self-Paced English 24/7

Guest Management Solutions Online Help

Online help provides product information including:

  • Page and Field descriptions
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  • Functionality

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How to Access Guest Management Solutions Online Help
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