Amadeus’ Media Solution for DMOs Now Available in the Americas

Jennifer Axness

Amadeus’ own digital advertising platform and services, unique to the travel industry, have launched in the Americas, building on proven success in the EMEA region. 


January 8, 2024 – As Amadeus for Destinations continues its expansion in the Americas, Amadeus’ Media Solutions, which provides Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) and Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) with a holistic view of their digital advertising campaigns, has also expanded this year into the region. After having successfully operated in the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) region for over 2 years, Amadeus is now delivering the same level of service to our customers in the Americas.

This bespoke advertising solution is powered by Amadeus’ proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP), which is already live for customers with global campaigns covering the Americas, with the most recent expansion into the U.S.

A Unique Value Proposition for Destinations  

Amadeus’ Media Solutions team works with DMOs and CVBs to help bring visitors to their destinations through digital media campaigns. Starting from the campaign strategy, the Amadeus team provides a wealth of information by looking into search and booking trends before launching a campaign. Similarly, the company-owned advertising platform enables tailored campaigns to better reach individuals with real travel intent, and optimizes media spend with AI-based machine learning models. Conversions on digital campaigns and their economic value, meaning data showing that individuals did end up visiting that destination, are attributed using Amadeus proprietary technology and valuable insights from our ad-tech partners.

The additional value provided for DMOs and CVBs by Amadeus’ Media Solution is substantial. By offering media campaigns crafted to reach the relevant audience, and the conversion attribution that comes along with it, Amadeus is enabling these customers to:

  • Showcase their offerings to potential visitors who are evaluating various destinations across multiple digital channels;
  • Know their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and demonstrate the economic value of their media campaigns; and
  • Advertise on media at every single step of the traveler journey, from inspiration to booking.

Customers using Amadeus Media Solutions have found that their collaboration with Amadeus has exceeded their expectations.

“The collaboration with Amadeus has been instrumental over the past four years in promoting tourism in Colombia. It has driven us to expand our promotion to travelers and travel agencies, showcasing our destinations. There has been a significant increase in travelers choosing Colombia as their preferred travel destination. Initially targeting priority European markets, we have successfully replicated this strategy in other countries. Amadeus’ valuable contribution is evident in the crucial data on booking trends, airlines, destination and origin cities. This information has been fundamental in helping us make informed decisions and has contributed significantly to our continued success,” said Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia, the DMO of Colombia.

Scott Falconer, Executive Vice President, Media Solutions, Hospitality, adds, “Amadeus is excited to be offering Amadeus Media Solutions to customers in the Americas. Through custom targeting, DMOs and CVBs are now able to accomplish their goals and discover new opportunities along each step of the traveler journey. We look forward to strengthening these new partnerships.”



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