Enhanced Event Forecasting with Amadeus Sales and Event Management Advanced

Jacki Brown

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Originally published in What’s New in R27, Training & Help for Sales & Event Management Advanced.

Make updates right from the Booking Events Grid

While a property’s default average checks provide a baseline for revenue forecasting, they sometimes need to be updated to reflect the group’s budget or historical spending patterns. Now you can do all your forecasting from one central location—the Booking Events grid of the Advanced module of Amadeus Sales & Event Management.

New Booking Events Grid Fields

The latest release (R27) includes several new Forecast Average Check fields that you can add to the grid. By doing so, you can fine-tune the forecasted average checks directly in the grid. You can add any of the available columns and then click and drag them into an order that makes sense to you and how you like to work.

Booking Grid Fields

Show Revenue Details

You now also have the option to view the booked, forecasted, and actual revenue not only by event but by revenue classification. This makes it easy to provide your customers with a quick estimate of charges for any event on the booking.

Revenue Details

Designate events as movable

The Moveable field can now be added to the Booking Events grid so you can quickly indicate which events on a booking can be moved without having to open each one individually. The field has also been added to the Edit Multiple Events window so you can bulk update as needed.

Movable Events Column


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