TravelClick’s Katie Moro Named One Of Most Influential Women In Hospitality 2018

Eric Oppegaard



Revenue management isn’t a topic that excites the majority of people, but TravelClick’s Katie Moro is the exception. Ten years after joining TravelClick as the first person hired to sell the Demand360 product, she still is “super passionate” about the topic. “The fact that I’m excited about it 10 years later, it definitely comes through,” she said. “When I’m on the phone with customers and I’m even just showing the product, I get so excited about what it can do for the hoteliers that it really shines through.”

Moro has watched revenue management change over the years, and she said she is proud to have helped influence that change. “It’s such a rewarding thing for me because people are doing things differently, and a lot of that comes from our product. They are looking at future data for the first time ever. What I’m doing has played a big part in the advancement, and it’s exciting.” Moro also is excited by the growth of women in the revenue management field. She spoke on a panel in June at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference and the entire panel was composed of women. “We were just blown away. For me, it confirmed that this is the time for women to be leaders in our industry. You walk in sometimes and there’s many men in suits. And that, I don’t think, is going to change any time soon. But to have a panel talking about data in our industry and having it be women was really, really gratifying.”

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