Inspect What You Can’t Expect

Eric Oppegaard


A recent article in the Daytona Beach News-Journal caught my eye titled “Hotel pools: Work, not play for Volusia inspectors.”  With an eye for topics such as Hotel Maintenance and Engineering, I obviously had an interest.


Volusia County health inspector Suzanne Grubbs arrives recently for an inspection of the Plaza Resort & Spa’s pool in Daytona Beach. The department conducts about 1,100 inspections a year at public swimming areas, mostly local hotels and condominiums, to make sure the pools are safe. News-Journal/JIM TILLER

Pool maintenance inspection is not an easy task, especially for hotels and resorts during the summer season. Since Memorial Day of this year, the health department has already reported 16 unsatisfactory hotel pools and spas in Daytona, Florida, according to public records requested by The News-Journal.

Four of these pools were closed because of violations. In 2014, during the same time, out of the 19 unsatisfactory inspections reported, seven hotel and spa pools were closed.

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, some germs are very tolerant to chlorine, and can take minutes to days for the pool chlorine to eliminate them.

HotSOS has a built in functionality to create and schedule periodic Preventive Maintenance inspections to prevent properties from receiving violations or closure of their pools.


The inspection functionality allows the maintenance team to create and perform inspections in real time, on the go, to evaluate pool condition. This feature also empowers them to instantly rectify any issues discovered during the inspection by creating work orders, snapping and attaching pictures, with critical comments added to each inspected step.

Each inspection is customized by the hotel and graded for better reporting and tracking of hotel physical assets.

HotSOS inspection functionality is also utilized to evaluate guestrooms cleanliness and physical condition, as well as any public area.