Los Angeles Times – The Secrets To Saving Money On Your Vacation Accommodations

Eric Oppegaard

City view

By Catharine Hamm

We’ve already looked ahead to 2017. The Travel section’s alphabetical list of places to go included Bordeaux and Yosemite. Events that got us excited: Canada’s 150th birthday party and the celebrations surrounding the 50th anniversary of San Francisco’s summer of love. And things to know included continued (we hope) low airfares, especially to Asia and Europe, and myriad ways to get around the airline bag fee, none of them involving lame excuses that the traveler “didn’t know it wouldn’t fit in the overhead bin.”

Today we turn to where you’re going to stay when you go. We sometimes forget that, unless you are bunking with excellent friends or tolerant family, you may spend more on a week of accommodations than you will on a plane ticket.

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