New Product: Dynamic Rate Ads

Eric Oppegaard

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Include up-to-date rates in digital marketing campaigns with Dynamic Rate Ads.

iHotelier clients running Single Media campaigns are now able to use Dynamic Rate Ads, a new media enhancement that pulls rates from iHotelier Booking Engine into digital media campaigns on three channels: Display, Search, and Social.

Ads with room rates drive more qualified traffic.

Rates help users make decisions and improve relevance of ad copies and banners. As a result, users who see an ad with the best available rate are more likely to click through to your website and make a booking.

With increased conversion rates come cost efficiencies: Listing price encourages more qualified leads to click through to your website and reduces dollars spent on users who users who are less likely to click if the price is not within their budgets.

Display: Show rates on display remarketing ads.

Enterprise iHotelier customers can have targeted rates and promotions from iHotelier Booking Engine flow through to display remarketing ads, which are built with creative designed to attract more users looking at a similar budget range.

The content generated on the Display Ad depends on the user‘s behavior on your website:

When a guest visits a booking engine, clickstream data captures information like stay dates, room type, number of rooms and guests, and rate. This clickstream data is used to populate an ad template with pre-approved creative. The ad dynamically updates via an API call to iHotelier Booking Engine to verify rate, availability, and promotions. A personalized ad is served, and the guest books your hotel!



Display will launch in the EU soon due to GDPR restrictions.

Case study: Reduce cost of acquisition and increase revenue

A mid-scale hotel in South-East Asia part of a multi-regional hotel group beta tested Dynamic Rate Display Ads to increase bookings and revenue with their evergreen campaign. Compared to display ads with no rates, Display Ads saw:

33% lower cost per booking
42% higher ROAS
17% increase in click-through bookings

Search: Pull the lowest available rate into Google Search Ads.

The rates are pulled from iHotelier Pricing Engine and updated daily to ensure the ad shows up-to-date rates for the next 30 days.

Case study: Increase clicks while decreasing cost per booking

A luxury urban hotel in Brussels used Search ads to drive more qualified traffic to the website by providing insights on rates and more valuable information to the customer.

In a beta campaign, Dynamic Rate Search Ads performed significantly better than regular ads:

46% click increase
17% decrease in average CPC
52% increase in CTR
21% decrease in cost per booking

Social: Advertise the lowest rate on Facebook

Dynamic Rate Social Ads is a powerful solution for multi-property clients. It pulls rates from the iHotelier Booking Engine on a daily basis to show the lowest rates for the next 30 days.

Case study: Reduced cost per booking and increased ROAS

A group of six luxury properties in Australia wanted to use Social Ads to reduce costs and increase ROAS on Facebook.

In comparison to manual remarketing campaigns, Dynamic Rate Social Ads saw:

56% decrease in cost per booking
2.6X higher ROAS

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