[Podcast] Bringing Guest Recognition To the Table

Anna Ransom


Looking for the key to a traveler’s heart? It might be in their stomach! Food tourism already makes up over a quarter of total travel revenue, and it is expected to grow by over $82 billion in the next 5 years. Not only are food and beverage (F&B) experiences a large source of additional revenue, but prosperous hoteliers have already discovered that these experiences are a lucrative source for improving guest loyalty.

When you begin to understand guests through their F&B behaviors, you unlock new ways to personalize their experiences. All of the data you collect about F&B preferences and needs are incredibly helpful. What if your guests have food allergies? What can you do if travelers frequent your F&B outlets every time they come into town? Glenn Haussman of No Vacancy News recently hosted a chat with Seven Rooms and TravelClick to ask these questions, and discuss why hotel revenue loyalty strategies could benefit from a culinary focus. Listen to the podcast or download it directly below to learn more!

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