Things to Consider When Selecting Technology to Support Guest Interactions and Staff Safety

Alison Guillot

Things Consider Selecting Technology Support Guest Interactions Staff Safety

With the number of guest intimacy and staff enablement solutions on the market today, how do you decide which ones will bring the most value to your guests and your employees? Amadeus recently joined some of our platform integration partners at an open forum in Las Vegas. The sessions provided venues with practical business scenarios with time allocated to answer questions about the offerings.

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Finding ways to interact with your guest with low friction and high return can be daunting. As your venue evaluates opportunities, keep these foundational elements in mind:

  • Connect. Texting and voice communication are modern day necessities for busy lives, but they can also be easily extended to hotel guests. Tools like Zingle for text or Volara for voice enables travelers to ask for anything from information (“What time is the shuttle?”) to assistance (“I am by the pool and would like to order from the bar”).
  • Personalize. Provide your guests the ability to personalize their stay by requesting a late checkout, setting a do not disturb, changing the room temperature, or adjusting the lights. This can be done by a simple voice request through Volara, texting via Zingle, and executed with partners like TraknProtect, Interel, Honeywell, or Evolve Controls.
  • Deliver. By seamlessly integrating into a platform like Amadeus HotSOS along with extended solutions (Zingle, Volara, and TraknProtect), you’ll find a peace of mind that guest requests will be routed and responded to efficiently.

Staff Safety Solutions

Focusing on the need for rapid response, fluid communication, and guest/employee safety, Amadeus and our partners shared insight into the level of service that hotels can now deliver with technology, as well as what to look forward to in the near future.

To bring to life the capabilities, Amadeus HotSOS and React Mobile staged a scenario live in the room. Attendees witnessed how information can travel through a property during emergencies using panic buttons, electronic do not disturb signs, voice command prompts, messaging, and door locks. As we all know for any business, keeping your people safe is the top priority.

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Other Vendors who attended:

Interel, AssaAbloy, Honeywell Inncom, Soundwall, Evolve Controls, STAYmyway, BluIP, Hospitality Upgrade, Nytec