Using Data and Tech to Help DMOs Rebuild Travel

Weronika Czekaj

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Arialdo Piatti, Head of Product, Media Solutions, Hospitality, Amadeus, reveals three ways that data and technology can help travel – and specifically DMOs – to build back better

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As restrictions in the UK have lifted over the summer months, we have seen the appetite for travel continue to grow as people navigated the traffic light system to enable them to enjoy a summer holiday. As momentum for travel continues to grow, it is now important for travel companies and in particular destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to safely nurture travel interest and gain the interest of potential new travellers.

More than ever data and technology play a central role in the recovery of the travel industry, and these are the tools which DMOs and travel providers can use to help promote travel when it is safe to do so using specific targeting.

There are three key areas where Amadeus’ data can be used to drive demand in a way that is impactful and safe and will be key in helping to rebuild the travel industry.

Understanding and inspiring new travellers

Personalised and tailored offers are now more important than ever, as travellers expect travel providers to understand their preferences at all stages of the journey, from inspiration and booking through to the destination itself. Understanding the stages of the booking journey can offer insight on when to launch campaigns and how to draw prospective customers through different phases.

Since June 2020, Amadeus has worked closely with DMO Marketing Greece to focus on attracting travellers from Germany and Austria, using data and artificial intelligence to identify and understand demand.

In the case of Marketing Greece, Amadeus was able to use data to adapt its advertising strategy. The campaign used powerful imagery matched with time and scenario, sensitive messages to keep in touch with travellers known to be considering Greece as a destination.

The initial Greece From Home campaign evolved into the Until the Time is Right campaign to reassure travellers that the country would soon be open for tourists. Finally, in June, Greece launched its Endless Greek Summer messaging to inspire visitors to consider travelling to Greece outside of peak periods to take advantage of the warmer climate even in colder months.

A combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and insights gained from large data sets can be used to connect destinations to travellers to create that spark of inspiration that leads to a memorable holiday.

Once inspired, travellers can move through the booking process to conclude the booking. “Choice modelling” algorithms are used to make sure that the use of data insight is maximised and that offers are continually improved and tailored to individuals’ tastes.


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