Rebuilding Hospitality - Marketing

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A lot has changed over the past year, though the strategies and tactics set forth in the June 2020 edition of our Recovery eBooks are tried and true with some new ideas to be considered.

With this in mind, we present the second edition of our best practices eBooks with current insights as part of our Rebuilding Hospitality initiative. In doing so, we updated our research, sought new perspectives, and evolved our suggestions. In these eBooks, you will find data from our Rebuilding Hospitality study including feedback from hoteliers around the world, perspectives from hospitality industry leaders at HSMAI and other organizations, and insights drawn from the latest market data and travel trends.

Download our updated eBook to find guidance on:

  • Understanding key indicators in your market to communicate with and market to your guests in a way that drives long-term loyalty.
  • How to build targeted, relevant campaigns that maximize available advertising spend using market data, marketing analytics, and guest personas.
  • Capturing demand and retaining guests in a COVID-19 aware culture with responsiveness and flexibility.
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