[Podcast/Video] RevPAR 2020: Why Hoteliers are Prioritizing the Heart of the House

Kevin Brown

What do travelers trust more when they are looking to choose travel accommodations? The advertising a property shares or the reviews of fellow travelers who have visited a property first-hand?

While marketing and advertising are highly influential ways to convert travelers into guests, a majority of travelers rely on reviews to validate what is in your marketing and advertising. In fact, over three quarters consider the most important part of a review to be the interaction and experiences with your hotel staff. This is why many hoteliers are prioritizing the staff experience, so employees feel valued and empowered to consistently deliver memorable experiences for your guests.

We spoke with Glenn Houseman of No Vacancy Podcast, along with some of the best hotel brands in the world (Hilton Hotels, Loews Hotels) and one of our partners at Human+ to better understand how they are dialing in on their “heart of the house” and where the future of the staff experience is headed. Click on the video below to watch or download the podcast to listen.

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Drivers of Change in Hospitality

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