What to Consider When Changing Hospitality Technology

Anna Ransom

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We have technology readily available at all times, with our phones rarely out of reach. Mobile technology is constantly evolving, prompting us to download the latest operating systems and apps on what feels like a daily basis.

Yet, few of us have the same expectation of the operating systems we rely on for daily hotel operations. We don’t think about regular updates and improved functionality or fixes for the software we use every day to deliver the best guest experiences possible. We’ve become accustomed to our property PCs having stagnant software that require costly upgrades. Lucky for us, technology has improved in many ways over the last decade or so – regular upgrades are just one of the ways. 

It’s likely that you have at least one hospitality software solution you’re interested in updating right now. Maybe the solution doesn’t integrate with other software you have so you are duplicating work. Perhaps you’re not seeing the kinds of detailed metrics you need to make educated business decisions in this heated market. Or you’re avoiding causing your computer physical harm each time you have to log into the system and your solution takes a full five minutes to load. If any of these scenarios hit too close to home – it’s time to make the switch.

Armed with the right information — and the right partner — your company can transition technology solutions with confidence. In the Making the Switch eBook, we share key considerations before changing software so you will not only feel confident in your decision, but excited by the benefits new technology can bring to your growing business.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Reasons to consider making the switch to new software
  • Important considerations when changing software solutions
  • Features of the latest hotel technology
  • The process for moving to new software

Switching software can be an eye-opening experience full of new possibilities for your team. We also know the switch can induce panic in everyone from staff to stakeholders. We hope this eBook provides answers to your top questions as you consider switching hospitality software so that your experience is a positive one.


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