Amadeus Property Management - Advanced

Amadeus Property Management – Advanced provides comprehensive property management capabilities with advanced distribution integration for independent hotels and midsize chains. Drive greater demand, revenue and occupancy, and enjoy centralized control from a single solution.

Support Across the Technology Ecosystem

All the Distribution and Property Management You Need

Amadeus Property Management – Advanced allows independent and midchain hotels to gain the best of both worlds from a single solution – comprehensive property management capabilities and advanced distribution integrations to drive greater demand, occupancy, and revenue.

  • Enjoy comprehensive property management and advanced distribution functionality from a single solution
  • Elevate service delivery and increase brand value with integrations to more than 350 partner systems
  • Expand distribution reach and drive demand across global OTAs and major GDS’ through Amadeus’ lightweight RezExchange distribution module or comprehensive iHotelier CRS
  • Simplify and consolidate solution management through complete integration with the Amadeus and TravelClick portfolio of solutions
  • Enhance productivity and speed of lead distribution with built-in sales
    automation functionsAmadeus

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One Stop Management

Manage all Amadeus distribution and property systems from one spot.

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Comprehensive Distribution

Drive demand across the global travel markets to drive demand and revenue.

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Broad Technology Integrations

Integrate with hundreds of partner systems with our mature integration portfolio.

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