Manage your pricing strategy

DecisionPoint Price Manager

Execute with precision using Amadeus’ DecisionPoint™ Price Manager, a robust price management solution. Make smart and efficient pricing decisions to compete aggressively. React to changing market conditions quickly and implement business rules for dynamic pricing automation.


Main Features

MarketVision® integration

Integrated with MarketVision® Price Position for competitive rate information

Multiple rate screens

To apply rate changes

CRS integration

Integrated with various CRS platforms

Automated price management

By location or multiple locations from a single easy-to-use interface

Business rule engine

For targeted market position

How this benefits your organization

  • Designed to work in tandem with existing car rental yield management systems
  • Flexible creation of workgroups and workspaces to focus on key locations, products and car types
  • Multi-tiered location, product and car type associations to leverage pricing capabilities across many rate products and improve market responsiveness
  • Scheduled and real-time rate updates to accurately price in dynamic markets

​Preferred supplier of industry partners, including TSD.